Trends from MBFW – Resort 2020

June 5, 2019


My head has been whirling from seeing so much amazing fashion in Sydney. I’ve found some new designers to love, spied some items from favourite designers that I’ll be adding to my wardrobe and had some pinch me moments.Yet I still have to answer the burning question that all my  friends have been asking, “ What will we be wearing on our summer holidays, cruises and island getaways next year? “ Here are just a few of the major trends from MBFWA.

Athleisure – This trend is growing and really suits our active Australian lifestyle. Brands like P. E Nation and Ten Pieces have an ever expanding following and with new age fabrics, these pieces are more comfortable and fashionable than ever. The ranges are made to be mixed and matched and are Unisex in their appeal.

Colour– There were a few standout colours coming through for 2020. Oranges of every hue were big from designers like Alice McCall who added touches of metallic to make this colour zing. Benjamin Garg in the Next Gen show showcased  gowns and matching accessories in this playful hue which screamed happy. Pared Eyewear used orange to great effect in their gorgeous oversized sunglasses.

Shades of purple were next, from the deep purple sheer dress in the Alice McCall collection through to Tigerlily’s purple and lilac pieces. Leo & Lin’s gorgeous and  feminine, totally invented shade ‘ Mr Moonlight’ will suit those who like this colour in a more muted, subtle shade. The buyers I spoke to said purple is one of the hardest colours to sell. Be fearless and try some in 2020, it’s a shade that flatters most skin tones and hair colours. No thanks needed when you receive the many  compliments!

Photo by Stefan Gosatti/Getty Images

Pops of red were also big at Ten Pieces, Chloe Mottau (Next Gen) and Tigerlily. Pink, lemon and blue of every hue, including the always fashionable French navy, were found in most shows. Neon pastels were big at Alice McCall which was one of the most happy and vibrant shows I’ve seen. ( Except perhaps for Patrick Pham’s Couture show in Paris)

Puffed and Balloon Sleeves – I have just invested in a vintage Easton Pearson top in lemon with puffed sleeves. So it was with great delight that I watched the pretty and comfortable puffed and balloon sleeves grace the runways in Sydney. This trend is so easy to wear paired with jeans or sleek pants, as well as skirts of every style. Aje, Bec and Bridge and Leo & Lin showed us the way to wear them. A beautiful, flattering trend for all ages.

Photo by Stefan Gosatti/Getty Images

Metallics – Alice McCall’s models sparkled their way down the runway in metallics of every hue. Pink foil, florals with a gold sparkle and sheers in gold, silver and black will be perfect for the party season. Mariam Seddiq showcased sleek silver dresses and bold gold gowns. Think 70’s glam, disco balls plus metallic retro jumpsuits and jackets and you are ready for 2020.

Photo by Stefan Gosatti/Getty Images

White – One thing every woman will need in her wardrobe will be a white dress. There were so many beautiful options to choose from. The bold will love the crocheted and fringed dress from Tigerlily. Chloe Mottau revealed a playful layered dress perfect for any occasion. Alice McCall elevated the white dress to the next level with sheers, buttons, ruffles and collars to show off an elegant or playful silhouette. Others to look out for were from Hansel and Gretel and Thomas Puttick who added edginess with black lace.

Photo by Stefan Gosatti/Getty Images

These are just some of the trends you can expect in 2020. There is something for everyone , with a few nods to the 70’s. I’ll be embracing some ladylike dresses, especially one in white -and adding some new and vibrant colours to my wardrobe. It looks to be a happy season to watch out for, although there are still plenty of stylish monochrome looks if you are looking to update your wardrobe with modern classics. Resort 2020 – stylish, playful and fun.

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