The Motherless Daughters Association

Mother’s Day can be a hard affair for those who have lost their mothers but Danielle Snelling from Melbourne has set up an association that aims to support those dealing with the loss. Motherless Daughters Australia was created after Danielle lost her […]

#SheInspires Leila Stead

#SheSociety had the chance to ask Leila Stead from the blog Ever The Daring a few questions about her life as a single mum and what her biggest life lesson has been so far. So Leila, tell us a little bit about […]

Happy World Jelly Bean Day!

In celebration of world Jelly Bean day this 22nd April. Jelly Belly has compiled a list of quirky facts you might not have known about this go-to sweet treat! Australia’s first official Jelly Belly store opened in April 2017 at Dreamworld on […]

Ways To Help Your Child Express Their Creativity

Saturday April 21 is World Creativity and Innovation Day, a globally-recognised celebration supported by the UN. This weekend, then, provides the perfect opportunity to stop and think about how you can foster your child’s imagination. Creativity is an essential skill, after all. […]

Old Time Memories

IF ONLY! By Karen Coaster Our lives are peppered with “If only” moments. “If only I’d bought a house 20 years earlier. If only I’d worked harder at school, if only I’d taken my parents’ advice and not gone to that nightclub”. […]

The Rubber Ducky In Danger

Scientists now have the dirt on the rubber ducky: Those cute yellow bathtime toys are — as some parents have long suspected — a haven for nasty bugs, an ABC News report reveals. Swiss and American researchers counted the microbes swimming inside […]

Complications In Birthing Interventions

A global study involving Australian mothers and their babies has found “significant links” between medical birthing interventions like caesarean sections and childhood health problems. A team of researchers from the UK, Ireland, Amsterdam, New South Wales and South Australia analysed nearly half-a-million […]

Starting School At 3 Years Old?

President Emmanuel Macron has announced compulsory schooling in France will begin at age three, instead of six, as part of new reforms set to shake up the country’s education system. “Kindergarten will be a founding moment in our school journey,” Mr Macron […]

Is Homework Important?

A global survey of parents has reignited debate about the value, or otherwise, of homework for schoolchildren, according to a report on ABC Radio Melbourne. The survey of more than 27,000 parents was conducted by the Varkey Foundation, a not-for-profit organisation dedicated […]

Superhero Daughter Day

I’ll be the first to admit, when it comes to maths and science at school, I was a total failure. In fact, I dropped science as soon as I possibly could and once I knew I had the grades in my other […]

A Family Trip To Remember Forever

A young English family of five, desperate to visit a sick relative back home, attempts to sail from Australia in a rubber dinghy; instead they take a 6,500 kilometre, nine-month detour via Indonesia. That is the absurd plot for Melbourne filmmaker Alessandro […]

#SheSociety Meets BrainBuzz

#SheSociety went behind the scenes of Channel 9’s newest kids show- BrainBuzz which involves exploring, dissecting and solving many of the world’s frequently asked questions. We had the chance to chat with the stars of the show, Kellyn Morris and in-resident scientist Clare Van […]

Breakfast In Bed

Let’s Face It… Eating Breakfast In Bed Is Lonely And Awkward Breakfast in bed…….It conjures up images of Mr Wonderful gently waking his sleeping partner snuggled down among copious pillows and whiter than white sheets dreaming of far away places. Or the […]

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