Mayver’s Debunks The Myths On Fat 

by For years Australians have been told to avoid processed fats within their diet, however Mayver’s ambassador and leading dietitian, Susie Burrell, is revealing the difference between good and bad fats and the important role the right fats plays in our diets.  […]

A Day in the Life of a Community Pharmacist

by   Hannah McTier, Pharmacist and Partner, Blooms The Chemist Mount Ommaney and Kenmore Whether you’re answering questions on digestive health or sharing advice on supplements to support an active lifestyle, being a Pharmacist can be extremely rewarding.   As a small-business owner […]

Taking Care Of Your Hands

by YOUR HANDS ARE YOUR FIRST LINE OF DEFENCE, look after them! Hand sanitiser and continuous hand washing can be brutal on your hands, making them dry and crack. It’s  important to maintain an intact skin integrity, with no splits, cracks or […]

All Australians Will Be Able To Access Telehealth

by   THE CONVERSATION  By Michelle Grattan, Professorial Fellow, University of Canberra   Scott Morrison unveiled on Sunday a $1.1 billion set of measures to make Medicare telehealth services generally available during the coronavirus pandemic and to support mental health, domestic violence […]

Theragun, Percussive Therapy Leader, Launches in Australia

by Aussies experience the Theragun revolution this year The global leader in percussive therapy and wellness champion, Theragun, Inc., has recently launched three new game-changing wellness devices in Australia, including the professional-grade G3PRO, the premium G3, and the lightweight, simplified liv for […]

Just Stop Mingling

by You may have seen some posts going around about doctors overseas who are working like they are at war…of which they are. A different kind of war, a war we have never seen on such a large scale before in our […]

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