More Ways To Give This Christmas

by   As we all get excited for Christmas time, it is easy to forget that there are people out there who are less fortunate than others. With this in mind, #SheSociety shares ways that we give back during the holiday season. […]

Post Christmas Clean Up

by   It’s a few days after Christmas, which usually means two things: running off to stores for the big returns and cleaning up in time for New Year’s Eve. Here are some post Christmas clean up tips to help keep you […]

Fiddling With Fiddle Plants

by   Do you own a fiddle plant? I know fiddle plants (fiddle-leaf fig trees) are the trendy, tropical rainforest interior decorating thing these days and I have to say their large green leaves are appealing. Needless to say I eventually succumbed […]

Knitting Squares For Beginners

by   Come on, how about giving knitting a go.  My mother introduced me to knitting, crocheting, sewing, many crafts when I was a young girl and I am eternally grateful.  It is the best therapy to forget about stuff and chill […]

Starting A Vegetable Garden

by   Being in isolation might be a great time to try something new. In this series, we get the basics on hobbies and activities to start while you’re spending more time at home. There is a long history of looking to […]

Ready To Bloom!

by   Always keen to view the latest and greatest in Australian TV, especially now when we feel like we have exhausted every last episode or movie on all of the streaming services! So when the SheSociety team heard that Australian series […]

Memories of Mater Prize Homes

by   When I was a little girl back in the late 60’s and early 70’s, going to see the latest Mater Prize Home was a popular weekend outing for many families, including mine. We lived on the northside of Brisbane, so […]

How To Cope With Extreme Heat Days

by   Summer in Australia is getting hotter. Extreme heat events, with daytime temperatures over 35 degrees Celsius, are becoming more common and we are getting more of these days in a row. We all need to prepare ourselves, our homes and […]

Get To Know The Brand: OurEco Clean

by   Jenny Wilks from OurEco Clean answers our questions on the eco friendly, Australian made cleaning products.  How and when did you first come into contact with OurEco Clean products? I met our founder Kym when she was demonstrating her products […]

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