10 things to love about Lord Howe island

With its spectacular mountain scenery, coral reefs, migratory birdlife and native species found nowhere else on earth, Lord Howe Island – just a two-hour flight from Sydney – could well be the ultimate holiday destination for outdoor enthusiasts. It’s the type of […]

A Blissful Beach Holiday at Tugun

There may be some of life’s troubles and forms of malaise that aren’t able to be remedied, or at the very least eased, by an Australian beach holiday, but I can’t think of many. When my consistently kind and thoughtful sisters let […]

#SheTravels South African Safari

It was March 2020 when our trip to Botswana was abruptly cancelled due to the march of COVID across the world. Thankfully we have always booked with And Beyond travel and they kindly kept our credit going through the dark years. When […]

O’Reilly’s – Where Dreams Come True

Sometimes a holiday is so sublimely, uniquely and searingly transformative, restorative and uplifting that one’s life is unequivocally and forever richer for it; in the days, months and even years after the well-deserved time of much-needed repose and adventure has taken place. […]

Do You Do Magic?

Do you do magic My niece Bianca stayed with me recently and apart from teaching me the benefits of vegan eating she also introduced me to a little secret and I am about to let it slip. It all began when we […]

#SheTravels Climb Kosi 4 Ground Staff

I always love the preamble to a walk or trek. Even the unsaid things hold something magical to  me. The build up of excitement at breakfast, the loading of carbs, wondering what the weather  will bring despite the forecast and whether I’ve […]

SheTravels – Blue Mountains NSW

  Most of us are talking about travelling within Australia given our OS travel restrictions and there is an abundance of glorious options that are inexpensive.  I recently arrived back in Queensland after a trip to Sydney to attend a writers group […]

#SheTravels North West Tasmania A Hidden Gem

  Tasmania is full of endless historical towns but hidden gems can be missed if you don’t do your research.  When ‘mainlanders’ plan to travel to Tasmania they often focus on the midlands and southern areas centered around Launceston and Hobart. Little […]

Top 4 Australian Places to GETAWAY!

We should all be keen to explore our own backyard with the COVID restrictions not looking to change any time soon for international travel, there is no better time like now to plan your 2021 and even 2022 holidays in and around […]

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