It’s Time We Changed The Way We See Menopause

by Health and fitness coach, Naz de Bono, wants women to approach menopause without the fear and uncertainty. Mention the word ‘menopause’ in a crowded lift, and you can expect to see blushes and intense concentration on phone screens from everyone else. […]

The Preponderance of Hope

by   As we find ourselves hurtling obsequiously and unerringly, yet resolutely and steadily, towards Christmas and a new year, 2022, I’ve found myself pondering on the uplifting concept of “Hope”. Defined optimistically as “a feeling of expectation and desire for a […]

Panic Attacks

by   Panic attacks aren’t necessarily a reason to panic: they are your body’s way of responding to stress Panic attacks typically occur when a person is under stress. The stress can be physical, like being run down, or emotional, like a […]

Self-Care Strategies For The Holiday Season

by   With all the extra curricular activities the holiday season brings, like battling shopping centre crowds, buying the perfect gifts, spending more than future you would appreciate (or maxing out your Afterpay limit, let’s be honest) not to mention managing your […]

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