Burnout Leads To Reinvention Of The Diary

by Burnout proved to be the brainchild in the case of Alex of Tom, the founders of Saint Belford who literally set out on a journey of self-discovery four years ago to find mindfulness, self-care and personal growth. From this, the beautifully […]

Elder Abuse Perpetrated By Family Members

by   Ninety per cent of elder abuse is perpetrated by family members, according to new data released by Seniors Rights Victoria (SRV) and the National Ageing Research Institute. Entitled Seven Years of Elder Abuse Data in Victoria, the report analysed 2,385 […]

The Unveiling of Queensland’s Quarantine Quilt

by   Something many of us has been waiting for, the joint unveiling of Queensland’s Quarantine Quilt by 612 ABC’s Breakfast Radio presenters Craig Zonca and Loretta Ryan, ABC’s Weather presenter Jenny Woodward, representatives from Queensland’s Spinners, Weavers and Fibre Artists (QSWFA) […]

4 Ways to Choose Happiness Today

by   Happiness. Satisfaction. Well-being. Most of us search for these things. How many actually find them? What DOES create happiness and an overall sense of satisfaction with life? Hard work? Doing things the right way? Luck? Or something else? Having traveled […]

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