Bring Back Your 4-Year-Old Self! 

by I had this thought the other night as I sat on the couch with a wine watching the gorgeous show on catch-up ABC iview called ‘Old People’s Home for 4 year old’s…’ (do yourself a favour if you haven’t watched it […]

Shopping Addiction Is A Real Disorder

by UK-based healthcare group the Priory is well-known for treating gambling, sex, drug, alcohol and computing addictions – especially of the rich and famous.  Now it has added a new condition to its list: shopping addiction. Research suggests that as many as […]

5 Minutes of Nothing

by I thought I would share this simple but effective way of giving your mind a chance to tune out in a short time slot. Over the years it has benefited me when I apply my “5 Minutes of Nothing”, about doing […]

Assisted Suicide Charges Dropped Against Man

by A Canberra man who helped his wife, who was suffering from the advanced stages of motor neurone disease, to die has had assisted suicide charges against him dropped. Prosecutors said while there was enough evidence to potentially convict Neil O’Riorden, it […]

How Your Mental Health Can Affect Your Dog

by If you think your dog looks stressed out, it might be your own stress levels that are affecting your pet pooch. A study published on Thursday in Nature’s Scientific Reports shows pet dogs may synchronise their stress levels with those of […]

Why The Royals Love Africa

by Africa is the continent where the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Meghan and Harry, fell in love. It holds a special place in their hearts, as well as Meghan’s wedding finger which shines a glamorous diamond from Botswana. Aside from their […]

Panic Attacks

by Panic attacks aren’t necessarily a reason to panic: they are your body’s way of responding to stress Panic attacks typically occur when a person is under stress. The stress can be physical, like being run down, or emotional, like a significant […]

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