#SheSociety Meets BrainBuzz

March 12, 2018

BrainBuzz Stars Clare and Kellyn (L-R)

#SheSociety went behind the scenes of Channel 9’s newest kids show- BrainBuzz which involves exploring, dissecting and solving many of the world’s frequently asked questions.

We had the chance to chat with the stars of the show, Kellyn Morris and in-resident scientist Clare Van Dorssen.

So, what can kids expect from the show? 

Kellyn: Besides being the best Children’s TV program they’ve ever laid eyes on (that might be a slightly biased opinion!), kids can expect a completely immersive and entertaining television experience, from the comfort of their couch! BrainBuzz excels at breaking down scientific barriers or misconceptions, through Clare’s colloquial and relatable approach to science. When it comes down to it, the crux of the show is us marvelling at the incredible world we live in, and we pay homage to that by trying to understand its inner workings, in the most entertaining way possible!

Clare: They can expect to get involved with what we do and to be entertained. Not only in the science experiments, but in every segment in the form of brainstorming with Kellyn, myself and the kids. All viewers of any age can also expect to see unique content about a myriad of topics within the STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Arts and Mathematics) universe.

And what can parents expect?

Kellyn: Parents should rest assured that we are providing their children with a show that satisfies their healthy, hungry appetite for information. It applauds their curiosity and rewards it with fun, enlightening segments rife with DIY science that can entertain kids long after the show is finished.

Clare: From my part in the show, parents should know that every experiment or demonstration can be replicated easily enough. We also endeavour to create educational content that will inspire their children to become more knowledgeable on topics without realising that we’re educating them.

How does BrainBuzz excite kids to learn more about science?

Kellyn: It’s interactive, its funny, it’s irreverent. All of that excites me, so I hope in turn it excites the kids of Australia! Our ‘Not Live’ cross transports viewers to a period in history where they’re able to ask scientific figures or pioneers how they came up with their revolutionary inventions, or what cereal they eat for breakfast! The only boundaries on BrainBuzz are those the kids set for themselves, otherwise the sky is the limit for what can be achieved!

Clare: The BrainBuzz episodes are driven by questions relating to a single theme. However, we try to branch out and explore abstract concepts to this theme. So if we have an episode about buoyancy and boats, we also show how this theme relates to SCUBA diving, and more importantly, we do it in a fun manner so that students don’t realise they’re having educational content thrown at them.

What makes BrainBuzz different to other shows our kids may be watching? 

Kellyn: The catalyst for each episode of BrainBuzz is a handful of frequently asked questions from a child’s own perspective, and I think singlehandedly that is what makes all the difference in the world. The children involved – whether they’re in studio hosting with myself, or joining Clare on location – are the real drivers of this show. It provides them with a platform where they can learn and grow whilst having stupid amounts of fun!

Clare: BrainBuzz includes kids throughout the whole episode, including the beginning which means they drive a lot of the content. Our moto is ‘science by stealth’ so students don’t necessarily know that they’re learning while they’re being entertained.

What has been your favourite experiment on the show?

Kellyn: THE MARSHMALLOW CANNON! Hands down. Who doesn’t love shooting squishy sugary treats at your colleagues in the name of science?

Clare: HARD QUESTION! I could go on forever so I’ll just pick a few. I made a human sized hovercraft for our transport episode which is close to my heart because I spent a couple days putting it together by trial and error.

What can we look forward to on future episodes?

Kellyn: You can expect more fun, frivolity and a big old serving of science! The kids who we feature on BrainBuzz are progressively becoming more comfortable with the shows format, so their personalities in latter episodes are shining through. It’s such a joy to see them thrive and excel in an environment that is foreign, yet they’re taking it all in stride!

Clare: Viewers can look forward to even more exciting content! We’re always learning and improving from what we created earlier, so we’re very excited for people to see season two. A few examples of think tanks include hologram helmets, DIY bouncy balls and rockets, just to name a few.

You and your kids can catch BrainBuzz on 9Go! Weekdays at 8am!

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