Two Things About Stress

March 6, 2018

1. 95.5 % of all illness and disease is linked to stress according to research done in Stanford Medical School. Stress can come from any situation or thought that makes you feel frustrated, angry or anxious.

What is stress to one person is not necessarily stressful to another. So, what is stress? Is it having an argument with a neighbor, or things not going as we planned at work, a family member being sick? You can feel stressed by situations like this. However, there is a critical difference between circumstantial issues that we normally think of as stress and physiological stress that results in illness and disease.

It is our response to circumstantial stress that can lead to physiological stress, which throws our nervous system out of balance and is directly affecting our immune system AND cuts off our creative
higher thinking.

2. Why bother about stress? We all have mechanisms to deal with stress, don’t we? For one person it is going very quiet and keeping their head down, for the other a nice piece of chocolate, a relaxing cigarette break or a couple of good glasses of wine or beers after work… or a few more cups of coffee to get through the day. Whichever it is, we know they don’t really help us to let go of the pressure inside.

Stress makes us go into fight or flight response, because the body sees it as an emergency – like a fire alarm, where the goal is to save your life! When we go into fight or flight, many things happen. The blood flow completely changes. It’s no longer going to the stomach to digest food. It’s no longer going to the frontal lobes of the brain for creative thought. It’s no longer going to the kidneys and liver. WHY? Because you don’t need to digest that food in the bowel or clear the toxins from your liver, balance the electrolytes in the kidneys or have creative thought, because if you don’t survive the next few minutes, all of that doesn’t matter.

THESE THINGS HAPPEN AUTOMATICALLY. Although they are designed to save your life, these changes sustained over time by continual stress, can cause damage to organs, especially and directly affecting the immune system. Remember: 95.5 % of all illness and disease is linked to stress according to research done in Stanford Medical School. Let’s learn about stress and our mind so that we are in charge of ourselves and not let our busy and at times crazy mind run the show.

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