Preparing Your Home For Sale

June 1, 2018

Selling your home can be daunting. Arranging viewings and ensuring your home is ‘buyer ready’ is time consuming and stressful, so the sooner you can sell your property the sooner you can relax!

The team at CG Design Studio have gathered their tops tips to prepare your home for market so that you can get that sold sticker on quickly.


A fresh coat of neutral paint works wonders and can make a huge difference to your home.  And really, all it takes is a free weekend and a good paint brush for such a significant improvement.

When choosing colours, make sure to keep it neutral as this helps potential buyers to visualise their own style.  If you have an older home stay to warmer whites, as cooler whites can highlight older fittings and finishes that may not be as crisp as they once were, such as yellowed light switches.


This is a quick and easy DIY job. If your door handles are dated, simply switch them with new streamline ones to modernise your space.


If you have old, dated taps in your bathroom that have tarnished after years of bleaching, then it’s time to replace them. You may need a plumber for this, but it’s definitely worth the investment. Updating those taps can make an old bathroom feel new and refreshed. And don’t forget the kitchen – an impressive mixer tap can add style and potential buyers will take notice.  


We all have favourite nick-nacks and pieces throughout our homes that add more substance than style. So when you decide to sell, it’s time to pack those sentimental items away immediately instead of waiting until moving day.

Really evaluate your space and pair back things which you don’t need in your daily routine. A cluttered house can be confronting for potential buyers and make it feel smaller than it is. The less cluttered the space the more likely buyers can envision their own style, and this will give you the best opportunity to sell at the best price.


The outside space can have just as much impact on selling a property as the inside. The first impression from the street is the most important, so when getting your house ready for viewings, don’t neglect the garden – make sure it is neat and tidy as a high maintenance garden could put off buyers. Make sure the lawn is mowed, garden mulched and shrubs pruned. If your neighbours nature strip needs a mow then do it. Not only is it neighbourly but it conveys a well maintained street.


We all love our furry friends but they can be off putting to some buyers. Make sure they’re not home during inspections and ask a friend their honest opinion if they can smell animals in the house.  As a pet owner we get used to it but animal smell will definitely decrease the property value, so buy some odour neutralisers or start lighting those scented candles. If you have a cat remove its litter box – no one needs to see that.


Finally, some greenery can really make a huge difference in a home. Look for some indoor plants (real, not fake) and some vases of freshly cut blooms such are peonies or natives, will add style to your space.

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