Aussies Blowing Their Holiday Budget By $4.6 Billion A Year

June 1, 2018

As Aussies prepare to head overseas for a midyear break, new research from Commonwealth Bank has revealed that more than one in two (58 per cent) travellers will return home with an unwanted financial souvenir, after blowing their holiday budgets by more than $1,554 per person – a national total of $4.6 billion.

The research revealed relaxed attitudes to travel budgeting is causing money mishaps, with a quarter (26 per cent) of Aussies revealing they don’t save any spending money before they go away and one in five (21 per cent) traveling without a holiday budget.

Once on holiday, overspending can easily go unnoticed given only one in three (36 per cent) travellers check in on their spending each day.

Michael Baumann, General Manager Everyday Banking and Payments, Commonwealth Bank, said it might sound obvious but a little research goes a long way with 38 per cent saying the advice they received was very accurate and gave them a good idea of how much money was needed.

“Despite advice from family and friends and budgeting tips and tricks for travellers online, over half (55 per cent) said they made an educated guess when working out their holiday spending money. Even more concerning was that a third (33 per cent) aren’t putting aside extra spending money for unexpected expenses or overspend.

“It’s always advisable to set aside emergency savings that can easily be accessed or transferred from your mobile banking app to your Travel Money Card when unexpected situations arise. It’s also important that travellers are realistic about what they can afford while travelling and keep track of their spending to ensure they are sticking to their holiday budget.”

The research revealed holiday budget blunders were also having knock-on effects when travellers returned home, with over a quarter (28 per cent) making sacrifices when they returned home; choosing to stay in on weekends and eat cheaply.

CommBank’s Travel Checklist for Avoiding Budget Blowout

1. Plan for the return home, as well as the holiday: More than one in seven (15 per cent)
Australians admit they don’t plan for regular expenses while they are away or when they return
home. Ensure your accounts linked to recurring payments have enough money to cover expenses
while you’re away and put aside money to cover these expenses when you return.

2. Use downtime to check in on your spending: The final days of a holiday are the easiest to
overspend, with two thirds (67 per cent) of Aussies admitting this was when they were most likely
to forget about their budgets. Make it easy to check in regularly on your holiday budget by
choosing a travel money card that is easily accessible through an online app, like the CommBank
Travel Money Card.

3. Carry a mixed wallet: When travelling overseas, Australians turn to emergency credit cards or
savings (78 per cent) or mum and dad (31 per cent of Gen Z travellers) when their holiday
budgets run low. In order to avoid phoning home for help, it’s important to carry a mixed wallet of
local cash, alongside your credit or debit card and a travel money card. Travellers using the
CommBank Travel Money Card can reload in real time from their linked transaction and savings

4. Lock in exchange rates before you travel: Fluctuating exchange rates are a real concern for
Aussies when putting together their holiday budgets (31 per cent) so lock in the exchange rate for
up to 13 currencies with the CommBank Travel Money Card so you always know how much you
have to spend.

To find out more about CBA’s travel offering, including travel insurance and the CommBank Travel Money Card, visit

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