A Day On The Green

February 13, 2017

Last weekend I was one of masses of people to attend “A Day On The Green” at Sirromet Winery, located at Mount Cotton Road, Mount Cotton, only a stone’s throw from Brisbane airport (approx 1/2 hour’s drive).

Yes it was a hot 39 deg day to see Machinations, Models, The B52’s and Simple Minds, a banquet of bands and well worth it.

For Brisbane locals many drive to attend the day’s event however I have found a better way to do this and turn it into a relaxing girls weekend away.

A couple of years ago I discovered Mt Cotton Retreat and now this is the only way I see favourite bands at Sirromet. It is like a secret getaway.

The girls and I stay one or two nights and the retreat organises drop-off and picked-up at Sirromet.

We don’t have to worry about driving nor parking, an absolute bonus and perfect for a winery function!

Staying at the retreat feels like you are in an isolated bushland far from home when in actual fact home is virtually ‘just around the corner’ and Sirromet is ‘just up the road’ from the retreat.
We stay in cabin style pavilion’s although there are other options and once settled you never want to leave.

The cabins are fully self contained with all the mod cons and of course necessary air conditioners for Brisbane’s hot humid summers.

They also provide complimentary port, chocolates and a coffee pod machine!

All the balconies open out onto the bush but the best part is fly screen surrounds us as we spot the bush turkeys, wallabies, kookaburras and other wild life meandering around the bush lake and no mossies inside!!!

A hot breakfast is included in the accommodation and again the whole ambiance is one of tranquillity as you gaze out into the bushland.

I have found a perfect formula for attending A Day On The Green at Sirromet and from the other groups of girls at the retreat, the secret is out!

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Ruth Greening
On the birth of her two grandsons, Ruth Greening experienced an awakening in her life and entering Gen GP (Generation Grandparent) she was given the moniker Nanny Babe as her 'grandmother' title. She found things had changed since her child rearing days, and an adjustment to new parenting concepts was required. Hence the birth of the Nanny Babe blog from a baby boomers perspective.

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