#SheWatches Amazing Grace

August 28, 2019

For lovers of Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin, you must see this original, recently released footage captured in 1972 by Warner Brothers. 

The film Amazing Grace has never been shown before and presents us with a most upfront and personal side of Aretha and her vocal mastery. 

Recorded live at Rev James Cleveland’s church in Watts, California with the Southern California Community Choir and in front of a lively congregation, her audience passionately interacted with her as she sang through her list of fourteen songs. I loved seeing Aretha in a normal, natural, almost unscripted setting, it was pretty special.  

Amazing Grace became the highest selling album off her career and the most popular Gospel album of all time. This footage has taken forty-seven years to be released publicly and is a testimony to Aretha Franklin’s greatness. Also a salute to the gospel heritage that had transformed American music in the 1960’s. It was a wonderful music film and shouldn’t be missed. 

Added to this unique documentary viewing, on arrival at the theatre, Think Tank Communications treated us to a live performance by our local superbly talented and powerful spiritual voice of Asabi and her band “Andrew, Asabi & Friends”. Andrew Fincher on guitar, keys and vocals, Lachlan Symons on bass and Gary Eldershaw drums played a number of songs to an appreciative audience. A perfect introduction to the film thank you to Studio Canal Australia, Think Tank Communications and She Society for my invitation. 

Amazing Grace will be released in cinemas 29 August 2019.

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