5 Useful Websites That Will Change Your Life

February 1, 2018

These simple yet genius and invaluable websites will help you sort out your everyday problems, you’ll realise just how much you actually need them after a while.

1. The age old question that still haunts us to this day…do I need a jacket? When going out to places there’s always the uncertainty of what the weather will be like, and if a jacket was actually needed or if it would just ruin our perfectly put together outfit. Well those days of pressured decision-making when you’re just about to head out the door are over because we have found the solution. The website is called Do I Need A Jacket and all you have to do is enter your town or city and results will pop up whether you need a jacket, detailing the temperature and whether you’ll need a jacket in 2, 4 or 8 hours.

2. My Fridge Food¬†is the answer to all of your cooking woes. Ever found yourself with an array of odd ingredients and you just can’t seem to think of anything to make out of them? We’ve all been there! My Fridge Food takes that anguish away and instead helps you create meals with the ingredients you already possess. Just by you clicking on the ingredients that are in their list, they will then collate a variety of recipes, proving that you do actually have something to eat.

3. Stuck on what book to read next? Then this website will introduce you to a range of books and authors based off of your previous reads, favourite books or authors. What Should I Read Next¬†allows readers to type in a title or author’s name and they will then provide a list of similar recommendations, perfect if you’re in a reading rut and feeling like taking a chance.

4. Drinkify is perfect when you’re listening to a certain artist and can’t decide what to drink. Maybe you’re at a bar or a concert and feel as if you need the perfect drink to complement the night and the atmosphere. Just by typing in an artist’s name, you can get a drink suggestion that will aim to be the ideal accompaniment.

5. Ever been at the movies and you desperately need to pee? But you’re scared of missing a vital part so you hold on until you can’t anymore and run out the door, and yet you still end up missing a crucial point in the movie. Well now there’s no need to fret that you’re going to burst anytime soon with this invaluable idea. RunPee has a list of all major movies showing at the cinemas, they proceed to give you the best time to run out and go to the bathroom, giving you the exact minute in the movie where not much happens. They also summarise the missing parts and allow you to see if there is anything after the credits start to roll.


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