Breakthrough In IVF = More Babies!

November 2, 2017

Available exclusively to patients of leading Fertility and IVF experts Genea, the new technologies significantly reduce the need for disturbance during the vital stages of an embryo’s development, leading to, on average, more embryos per IVF attempt.

The fertility group has launched a new version of their culture medium Gems, which when combined with Genea’s Geri incubator, has seen an  increase of 46.7% in the  number of high grade embryos per cycle when compared to the traditional incubator and culture medium system.

Genea’s Medical Director, Associate Professor Mark Bowman said the results were testament to Genea’s consistent commitment to improve fertility treatment and to maximise the chance couples had of fulfilling their dream of becoming parents in the least number of cycles possible.”

“The results are further evidence that there is a difference between the technologies offered in IVF labs and subsequently, the chance a patient has of success,” he said.

“Genea is getting closer and closer to mimicking the undisturbed natural environment of a woman’s body – where a human embryo would normally be – and I believe our success rates reflect this.”

Culture medium, the vital solution that supports embryo development outside the body, has traditionally needed to be replaced at different stages.

Firstly, to support fertilisation, then when there is division of cells in the early embryo.

Finally, it is replaced again when used for the blastocyst, the ball of cells developed by day five when the embryo is ready for transfer into the uterus. Additionally, at each point of development scientists spend time reviewing the embryos out of the incubator, exposing them to unfavourable elements.

However, Genea has now developed a continuous culture Geri medium, a universal liquid that is suitable for every stage of embryo development, eliminating the need to change the solution and enable undisturbed embryo growth. It’s the next iteration of the Gems sequential media and is specifically developed for their new Geri time lapse incubator.


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