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October 20, 2017

Those endless boxes of old family photos you can’t bear to part with, even though they have very little or no identifying notations at all, may not be such a lost cause after all.

There is a way you just might be able to get some outside help in discovering more information about who or what the pictures are and even make some money at the same time.

It’s called Finders Cafe, a Global History Project set up in Queensland four years ago with the aim of  transporting historical artefacts from bottom draws and dusty cupboards everywhere into a central location, accessible to history researchers, big and small, around the world.

Finders Cafe is a Website which can connect you with your history artefacts, including such things as photographs, medals, drawings, portraits, manuscripts and diaries etc.

Members can upload their artefacts and they will be stored in a unique location that preserves the artefacts’ integrity by systematically capturing and validating information at the source, prior to publication.

In addition, Finders Cafe protects artefacts by managing sharing through your ownership controls which you can sell if you wish.

“You may even discover lost stories associated with your new find. Millions of artefacts, millions of stories never seen or heard by you before, come to light when you connect through Finders Cafe,” said a spokesman.

“If each family simply uploaded one image or artefact with its unique genealogical relationships, or even contributed information about a single photograph, imagine how the pieces of history would slide into place.

“By us collectively sharing an image, you may find an image…one image is all it takes. One day you too may find your piece of the puzzle…just imagine.”

This is how Finders Cafe works.

  • When you upload an image, you add your information Thread associated with the
    Image. That information assists in validating the subject matter of the image.
  • Validated stories and images is Finders Cafe’s point of difference from any other
  • Through the unique Finders Cafe Validation Process, you can be assured that the
    Discovery of your “John Smith”, will stand out from the thousands or even millions of other “John Smiths” circulating out there.
  • Finders Cafe provides a valuable internally automated research tool for you to
    preserve, validate and discover previously unidentified artefacts of historical interest.
  • The Finders Cafe Website is Powered by VALe-date+TM, patent applied for. Go to
    the Finders Cafe VALe-date+TM

You can fully participate, Search, Preserve, Validate, Discover and Share, for FREE, with a Free Pro Membership. There are other membership subscription options of which you can source on their website here!

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