Over Online Dating? Join The Speed Dating Revival

June 30, 2017

Sick of swiping right and getting it wrong? Maybe it’s time to change track and do the unthinkable – go on a face-to-face date (cue gasp). I know, I know. It seems a bit old-fashioned doesn’t it? But the truth is, the online dating scene is becoming more and more tedious to traverse. Yet with so many people involved in it, what’s the alternative?

Well, if you’re up for something a little different (and little bit exciting!), but you need a push in the right direction, why not try out speed dating? Trust me, it’s making a big comeback – but not in the way you might think. But before we get into that, a word on first impressions…

The lost art of spontaneity

It’s all too common. You open a dating app or sit down in front of the computer. You scroll and scroll until you find a ‘match’. It seems promising, but you’re not totally convinced. So you jump on Facebook or Instagram for a second opinion. Photos seem pretty decent, not creepy or weird. Kind of sexy actually. Your match even ‘likes’ some of the same things you do. Time to make some moves. You send some cheeky texts back and forth. Maybe an email or two. Things are actually going pretty well…

So, then you meet.

And, it’s happened again. The expectations you’ve built up come crumbling down in the first few minutes. Their real-life persona doesn’t match up to their online one AT ALL. And weirdly, they don’t even look the same. Well, guess it’s back to square one.

This is one the biggest failings of online dating. Spontaneity gets thrown out the window – along with the idea of ‘first impressions’. Really, it should be the other way round. Meet first and check out them out online later. Because until you talk to them face-to-face, you might only get a small part of what they’re actually about. So, what’s the solution? Put simply – Adventure Dating.

Um, What’s Adventure Dating?

Yep! You heard it right. It’s speed dating with a scavenger-hunt style twist. Basically, it takes the awkwardness out of speed dating by matching you with compatible men and women using an advanced algorithm. Sounds a bit techy, but don’t worry – it makes sense.

CitySwoon run dating events take place all around Australia, including Brisbane, in some of the trendiest bars and venues going. Some even happen across multiple locations on the one night! During the events, you’ll be matched with others based on your CitySwoon profile. The algorithm is much more sophisticated than say, Tinder, which basically uses GPS. Instead, your entire profile is taken into account – including your educational background, political beliefs, religion, height, age, and your answers to personality questions. It also uses feedback you’ve given from any previous CitySwoon dates.

But here’s the kicker – during the events you’ll be matched with people in real time. A message will pop up on your smartphone app telling you when your next date is up and where to meet them. Basically, it makes use of technology in a way that feels natural, easy and exciting – sort of like a digital wingwoman. Plus, there’s that thrilling sense of discovery to the whole idea!

The time is now, come on, just give it a go!

Adventure Dating is a great opportunity to meet new and like-minded people in a fun and exciting atmosphere. Gone are the days of switching tables, tacky plastic cups, and crinkled nametags. Instead, it’s all about having a good ole’ time – without the pressure of ‘finding the one.’

The great thing is – you don’t have to go it alone. Get the girls together and sign up to an event near you. From sipping cocktails around Brisbane, there are plenty of opportunities to meet new people around town. Plus, it’s not all about wining and dining at trendy pubs and bars. There are also group activities like virtual golf, rock climbing, bushwalking and even pottery classes – it’s up to you!

Ready to unsubscribe to the modern limitations of online dating? Go for it! Instead of relying on technology, it’s better to simply use it to your advantage. Think about it – the more you put yourself out there, the better chances you’ll have of making a genuine connection with someone. And with speed dating making a welcome and innovative revival, it’s now easier than ever.

So don’t be shy. Strike up a convo and see where it goes!

Author Bio:

Katie Ford is an Aussie gal who’s always on the move. She travels so often chances are you’ve met her in an airport lobby. Connoisseur of travel, food and fashion, Katie wants to inspire readers to take a leap and experience the world.

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