Queensland Symphony Orchestra’s – Dreamscapes

April 26, 2019

Music for your wildest dreams was our gift from Queensland Symphony Orchestra’s (QSO) latest production of DREAMSCAPES. Aptly named for the audience as we settled in the Queensland Performing Arts Centre’s (QPAC) majestic Concert Hall.

Another packed audience was transported to a magnificent world of music. As we let our minds drift with the soothing sounds we experienced a sense of freedom that was at times breathtaking.

Conductor, Jamie Martin, who is soon to become Principal Conductor of the RTE National Symphony Orchestra and Director of the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra, took us on our first evocative piece for the evening. QSO performed Elena Kats-Chernin’s (born in 1957 in Uzbekistan) “Mythic”. Elena is one of Australia’s most prolific and popular composers and has written music for diverse musical environments including orchestra, chamber ensemble, theatre and ballet.

It was also a night for clarinettists and what a privilege to see and hear acclaimed clarinettist Alessandro Carbonare for the first time. Alessandro is Principal Clarinet of the Orchestra di Santa Cecilia in Rome and he performed Aaron Copland’s Concerto for Clarinet and Orchestra. He was spectacular as he took us on his journey from a serene, soul soothing plateau to then escalate us with vivacious exhilaration. His superb encore was personal and free spirited. We loved it.

Another highlight of the evening was Berlioz’s Symphonie Fantastique, a legendary tale that showcased all sections of the orchestra with special emphasis from the brass and percussions musicians. They were thoroughly enjoying themselves along with the audience.

It was an emotional roller coaster for everyone and our appreciation goes to Jamie Martin. He stepped us through his personal synopsis of Berlioz’s story prior to QSO playing this epic piece. His demonstrative passion was evident as he spoke to the audience to describe each stage of this musical journey.  

He included impromptu playing by directing different sections of the orchestra. Everyone admired each member’s ability to turn to the appropriate musical score on Jamie’s ad-hoc requests. How clever they were to delight us with quick extracts when guided by their conductor.

Concert Master Warwick Adeney and Associate Concert Master Alan Smith were close by and humbly synchronised with their conductor to produce spectacular performances. The whole is the sum of its parts and, as one, QSO provided perfect renditions to substantiate this.

Another beautiful evening enjoyed by all and the wonderful part for we QSO lovers, there is more musical intimacy to transpire for 2019.  

To ensure you don’t miss out, there is no better way than to book your places in advance. The Queensland Symphony Orchestra is loved by the people and it really is the ‘orchestra for everyone’.  

Coming up in 2019: 27 April; Jurassic Park, 4 May; The Last Night of The Proms, 10 May; Cathedral of Sound, 19 May; Kings and Queens.

Stay up to date:  www.qso.com.au , phone 07 3833 5044, email info@qso.com.au, @QSOrchestra, #qsorchestra

For those who are unable to attend, many of QSO concerts are broadcast live on ABC Classic radio.

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