Refreshing The Batteries In Times Of Travel Restrictions

June 22, 2020


As I am writing this today, I would be, sans COVID-19 pandemic, arriving in Brisbane from a wonderful trip to Rome, Malta, Milan, Berlin and Frankfurt. I would relish experiences new and old. I would be jet lagged, faced with the task of sorting out a suitcase stuffed with meaningful paraphernalia, getting out the winter wardrobe, and generally adjusting back to life in Ausland. Alas, even though you don’t know me personally, you know why this journey did not take place.

Reading Michelle Beesley’s article about her recent stay at her favourite get away place close to home during the current travel restrictions inspired me to follow in her footsteps.


My husband Geoff and I love to stay ‘On the Beach Resort‘ on Bribie island. You would know that Bribie is only a fifty minutes’ drive from Brisbane. Over the years we have stayed on numerous occasions at the Resort including one week over New Year. The Resort complex is, as the name suggests, on the beach. From your self-contained unit the sea is virtually lapping at your verandah. The higher the floor, the closer the lapping. The roar of the ocean wakes you up in the morning and lulls you to sleep at night. Convinced by Michelle’s example I decided to have a break, after all we deserved it since the originally planned trip had never eventuated.

So here I am, sitting in the living room, the huge wrap around deck in front of me, absorbing a spectacular view of the Coral Sea and Moreton Bay, cleansing air, the sound of crushing waves and a totally relaxing atmosphere. Ever now and again a huge container ship traverses across my vision as it glides across the horizon. If I gaze long enough I might see some dolphins frolicking around. While Geoff commutes to Brisbane during the day to attend to his business, I can immerse myself in doing research for my projects, or pen this account of my fantastic break. For me this is the retreat writers go to and I know if I am in need of inspiration, in these surroundings it will come to me. In the afternoon, when the sun has lessened its burn, I just go to the beach for a long mind purifying walk. When Geoff returns in the evening, we go to dinner at the pub across the road. Or we buy something from the IGA next to it.

Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, a number of shops have ceased to exist. I always found something interesting in the dress shop opposite, which is now for lease. Likewise the Surfclub has not opened its doors yet, nor is there the choice of coffee shops that used to be here. Sadly these are the signs of the times we are now living in. If I wanted to go to the major shopping centre on the island, I could just get the bus that leaves from the front entrance. But since that is not the purpose of my stay, I will briefly watch the brave swimmer who is paddling away from the shore in front of me, acknowledge another container ship that is now heading into the opposite direction, which is Brisbane, and go back to my research.

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