We Are Old Women, Hear Us Roar

  Unaccustomed as I am to performance art, though I did read Heather Rose’s ‘The Museum of Modern Love’ and became fascinated with Marina Abramović, I was actively involved in my dear friend Deborah Eddy’s examination performance for her Doctorate in Visual […]

#SheReviews ‘A German Life’

  Yesterday I saw the Australian Tour of A German Life at the Playhouse. Presented by John Frost for The Gordon Frost Organisation and QPAC in Brisbane, the play is based Brunhilde Pomsel’s interviews with a group of Austrian Filmmakers in 2016. […]

Puzzle’s Curse

  Overseas travel is still not possible. A trip to Sydney to see La Traviata had to be cancelled due to a three-day lockdown before Easter. So, what to do in Brisbane? Yes, go to Goma. Yes, go the movies. Yes, go […]

‘bauhaus Now’ at Museum of Brisbane

  After a year of not being able to leave the country and relish visiting galleries of renown, it was great to view the ‘bauhaus Now’ exhibition, ‘a legacy of migration and modernism in Brisbane.’ As the title suggests Professor Andrew McNamarra […]

#SheWatches A White, White Day

  Last week Geoff and I saw the movie A White, White Day. From the opening scene the misty and icy atmosphere of the Icelandic landscape envelopes and stays with you. Onto the backdrop of the undistinguishing white vista we discover the Icelandic […]

#SheWatches – A Hidden Life

  How far would you go to stand up for what you believe in? How much pain and torture could you endure and still keep your resistance? To what extent are you prepared to suffer and not waver when all you have […]

#SheWatches Measure for Measure

Last Friday, as part of the Brisbane International Film Festival (BIFF), my daughter and I saw the Australian film ‘Measure for Measure’ at GOMA. After the screening we enjoyed a panel discussion. The film is loosely based on Shakespeare’s eponymous play, but […]

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