#SheWatches From The Vine

June 17, 2021


From The Vine is an uncomplicated heartwarming and somewhat humorous film set in Acerenza in the province of Potenza, the Southern Italian region of Basilicata.

For me, it was a feel-good, old-world type of movie that took me back to pre-pandemic days, when I was staying in a small village in Tuscany, Italy. The train trip, the old villages with buildings made of stone and wood, panoramic view of expansive vineyards, and local people who embrace the simple things in life. I feel many of us are reviewing our lives since the pandemic which is why this simple yet captivating story has merit as we contemplate our situations. 

The Story

Set against the backdrop of wine country an ancient town that towers over its vineyards and a story where the villagers are given a new lease of life.  

From The Vine is based on the award-winning 2010 novel Finding Marco by renowned author Ken Cancellara. The story is about a downtrodden middle-aged CEO experiencing a moral crisis that sends him back to Italy to re-calibrate his moral compass. 

Marco discovers a new life by reviving his Nona’s old neglected and overgrown vineyard. He has a chance to employ the local villagers in the small town of Acerenza and potentially provide a long term future for them all. In the meanwhile, his wife and daughter in Canada are uncertain about his change of heart yet unknowingly during their visit they are given the opportunity to reconnect as a family while the joy of Italy works its magic to find their roots. 

 The Cast

Joe Pantoliano (Mark Gentile as the CEO business man also starred in The Soprano’s), Wendy Crewson (Marina, Mark’s wife), Paula Brancati (Laura, their daughter), Marco Leonardi and Tony Nardi, Franco Lo Presti, Tony Nappo.  

Director of Photography Scott McClellan and Drone Photographer Jeff Moghadam certainly captured Italy’s beauty. First Assistant Directors: Canada (Charles Smith) and Italy (Mario Scenna)

In cinemas 17 June

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