#SheWatches IT Chapter Two

September 5, 2019

Based on Stephen Kings 1986 novel, the original IT movie was released in 2017. I didn’t have the courage to see it then. But this time, SheSociety sent me an invitation to the sequel IT Chapter Two and I courageously decided to face my fears. 

Horror movies were never my thing. But guess what, I actually enjoyed it and yes there were a few moments my eyes were semi closed but overall the story captured my interest and the scary bits fell into place. 

Seven young outcasts from a small town called Derry, in Maine USA, who originally formed their own Losers Club when they were kids, face their worst nightmare and, they thought, had defeated IT. 

Resurfacing after twenty year Pennywise returns to their home town to prey on the town’s children. 

Although scattered around the country the band of friends who are now adults, reluctantly reunite and overcome their personal fears to battle this ancient, shape shifting deadly, evil clown, Pennywise. 

To do this they first needed to conquer their own deepest fears and the story continues in their quest to become losers no more and remove Pennywise once and for all.

In cinemas now.

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