#SheWatches Military Wives

March 12, 2020

Military Wives movie is a story to be told. It is real, and continues to happen while you read our post. Based on a true-life story that began in England, it tells how the military partners and wives are the silent sufferers as their loved one’s leave to defend our countries. 

I am sure every woman and man can relate to their story. The psychological suffering, the unknown, the heartache while they wait, well aware of the potential for injury or death until their soldiers safely return home. Sadly, not all outcomes as hoped. There are no guarantees, partners know the risk factors. The story is all about human compassion, suffering, diversity, the power of bonding and the necessity to support each other to maintain their sanity. 

They also acknowledge the importance of the need to keep themselves busy. This is how the Military Wives Choir began in England when their soldiers left for Afghanistan. Now the choirs are a global phenomenon. 

At our recent screening thanks to #ThinkTankCommunications and #TransmissionFilms, She Society was privileged to see a live performance by the Australian Military Wives Choir at Events Cinema. 

A choir of nine and their conductor, sang three touching songs and a Beatles medley. They were beautiful to listen to. After the movie I had an increased appreciation of what they are dealing with.

 I was not alone in the audience as the many tears were shed. Make sure you take your tissues. You cannot help but put yourself in their shoes and feel their anguish. I am pleased I was able to see this special movie. A reminder of the sacrifices made to protect we civilians. 

The director Peter Cattaneo (also directed The Full Monty) recruited well with actors Kristin Scott Thomas and Sharon Horgan who lead this inspirational story about transformation and bravery, with style and passion. Jason Flemyng, type-cast perfectly for his role, adds light-hearted humour as he  supports the women on their quest. 

In cinemas 12 March 2020 

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