The Broncos NRL Club’s Successful Facelift

December 19, 2019

In 2014 I sailed on the Queen Mary 2 across the transatlantic ocean from South Hampton, UK to New York USA. This is where I met my travel buddy Diane, we shared a twin room and have been mates ever since. 

It was Di, a devoted NRL (National Rugby League), Brisbane Broncos supporter, who introduced me to her club. Di is a VIP Member and it was an easy decision to become a social member, with an annual fee of $2 and it has proven its worth.   

We have our regular girlie catch ups at the club over dinner and at times I even watch the Bronco’s matches on their big screen when they are playing away. Not bad for an AFL (Australian Football League) supporter and I have to admit I enjoy watching NRL even if the ball is rolled backwards to go forward. 

I always enjoy our time together there and more so recently when Di said “you must come and see the new renovations, they are fantastic”.   Di wasn’t kidding, I was taken aback as I walked towards the front door into their newly renovated entrance and said “wow” as I entered the building. 

The Broncos Club renovations

In 2019 and within six months The Broncos Leagues Club, 98 Fulcher Rd, Red Hill applied a $6 million makeover to reinvent itself as one of Brisbane’s finest dining and entertainment destinations and it looks fabulous. The facelift is the most significant in the club’s 31-year history, the main planning focus was to reinvigorate the pedestrian paths through the venue and correct some of the flow and separation issues affecting the current areas.

The emphasis on the design language for the renovation was taken from the iconic ‘Queenslander’ houses found in Red Hill. In particular, the designers explored the idea of verandah, and extrapolated this into many functional and decorative elements throughout the refurbishment. Décor and layout is appealingly modern, with tasteful mood lighting.

On entry, the designers wanted the reception to have an approachable but polished feel, like a hotel lobby, externally, vertical metal louver blades, powder coated in white and gold are reminiscent of the humble louvre. The oversized louvers provide vistas into the new verandah café and frame the new reception. At night these are illuminated against the lush tropical landscaping. 

The stone to reception and sign in benchtop is Calcatta Viola. This beautiful stone has coloured veins of the iconic Broncos’ maroon and flecks of gold, highlighted under the overhead feature pendants. 

This welcoming point is the junction for all of the clubs offers which are boarded by an all-new illuminated Broncos Wall of Fame celebrating the club’s greatest heroes.

Al fresco dining

The opening of a new al fresco cafe, the Courtyard, and new restaurant, The Grill, are two of the notable changes. The raised seating area with booths is an interpretation cane lounge furniture found on a Queenslander deck. The surrounding external gardens with tall palms cast dappled shadows over this seating space come the afternoon.

The café incorporates an external seating area to bring the outside in and enjoy our sub-tropical winter weather – from weekend brunches to evening cocktails. The outdoor section of the Courtyard is particularly important, you can take your dog with you, which is very European. How easy it is, taking your dog for a walk then popping in for breakfast or a quick café latte.   

The lounge is designed to be just that, a showpiece of the home with perhaps a slightly more formal feel. This is the perfect spot to sit in a beautiful armchair for drinks and the take in the years of impressive memorabilia on display. It is also in close proximity to the gaming area and bistro. 

The relocation of the gaming area was integral to improving the flow of the club. The new location offers various entry points to the spacious gaming room, and makes a focus of the club’s family friendly food and beverage venues. The gaming screens are another re-imagination of the humble louvre. 

Even the club’s name has been reimaged as the Broncos Club. The toilets haven’t been missed either and the renovations appealing to the eye and senses. 

All this was going on as the Club operated fully during the entire renovations period, with minimum disruption.

The Menu

Executive Chef Brook Bailie has a new menu and I was thrilled to find there is an option of mashed potato to go with my cooked to perfection medium rare steak, and my chosen sauce, with mustard on the side. All this, rather than the normal chips and steak. 

There are many tempting options, including their newly fitted Mibrasa Woodfired oven where subtle charcoal tasting meat melts in your mouth, woo hoo!! My $2 has been a blessing as I take advantage of the many specials on offer.


Parking has always been easy with my visits, another appealing feature when driving and is only 8 minutes by car from Brisbane’s CBD.

Best to go directly to and check out “What’s On This Month” including their fabulous Christmas specials, menus and pricing.  

You can also follow @broncosleaguesclub on Facebook and Instagram. 

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