How to brighten a grey or Winter’s day

July 27, 2016

Remember to Smile. Spring will be here before you know it

STOP: so it is a grey day, but before you put on the same dull, drab winter attire, consider these tips to lift your mood and add a little radiance to your winter wardrobe.

  • Paint on rich red lippy and see your face light up when you look in the mirror;
  • Sling a bright handbag over that dark shouldered coat;
  • Adorn yourself with a fabulous necklace – it’s sure to add sparkle;
  • Use scarves and shawls to wrap yourself up in vibrancy;
  • Don a cute colourful hat – not only will it keep you warm, it will add a unique sense of style to your outfit;
  • Wear a bright shirt under your work jacket;
  • Find a pair of velvet gloves and flash them around on the bus;
  • You could flash this next tip around too – although you may get arrested … wear svelte sexy autumn toned lingerie under your winter heavies – you’re bound to feel lusciously feminine;
  • Now get out those toe pinkies and paint, paint, paint – who says you need to see them;
    The sheer act of varnishing will evoke joy.
  • Slip a wide vivid bangle over a dark skivvy;
  • Step into coloured boots or shoes, depending on the hue, you may feel like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, and that’s bound to have you humming a happy tune.
  • My personal favourite – slide into a deliciously devilish pair of funky tights or leggings! They add oomph to any outfit, especially with knee high boots!

But wait we’re not finished yet!

  • Be sure to ask for the brightest cup as you sit street-side for that coffee on the way to work – it will add a little zing to your mood and people are bound to smile when they walk by … you’ll be looking fabulous after all!

And herein lies my final tip:

Remember to SMILE. Spring will be here before you know it.

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Mary Cryan
Mary Cryan is a visual and verbal communications specialist with a passion for writing, designing and inspiring others.

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