5 Simple Ways To Boost Your Mood

Feeling flat and want to boost your mood? Whether you’ve had a bad day at the office, with the kids, or you’re just feeling flat, there are simple ways to instantly boost your mood. Yes, things can seem overwhelming at times but […]

Jingle MY Bells!

How to stay cool, calm and collected this Christmas and Jingle your bells to your own tune! Christmas is almost upon us with all it’s joy and wonder. What does your heart desire? Perfume, jewellery, laughter, good food (preferably cooked by someone […]

Roar for respect!

Sometimes in this crazy, busy, nonsensical world I want to ROAR like a lioness.   I mean how difficult is it to share common courtesy? Does it even exist any more? Just last week I went for a job interview that had […]

Can you name five things that fuel you?

What are the top five things you like about yourself? The things that make you tick, thrive and buzz? Maybe deep down they’re the things that make you proud of who you are? Scared to share? Surprisingly many people keep the things […]

How to help a friend in need

There’s nothing like sisterhood – the bond between women that transcends ordinary acquaintance. When the going is good and the laughs keep rolling, it’s easy to smile and giggle through the joys of life with our sisters. But when the going gets […]

Why I run away once a year

I run away. Just once a year, just for a night. I personally make a point of booking a night away in the city. I go on my own—YES ON MY OWN—without hubby or children, and I splurge on luxury – a […]

Create your own Good News Channel

In light of actress, Noni Hazelhurst’s recent plea for the media to focus on good news stories that inspire others, I’d like to promote the positive role we can all play by recognising and sharing the good news in our own daily […]