Can you name five things that fuel you?

August 24, 2016

I have found great purpose by recognising and unleashing my passions

What are the top five things you like about yourself?

The things that make you tick, thrive and buzz?

Maybe deep down they’re the things that make you proud of who you are?

Scared to share?

Surprisingly many people keep the things they love about themselves under wraps, unless they’re amongst their nearest and dearest.

So why are we afraid to discuss the things we really love and enjoy about ourselves? Is it because we don’t believe we’re good enough?

Are we afraid they sound vague, corny, unimportant, or is it that we’re just plain scared we won’t be taken seriously?

Perhaps it’s all of the above, because often the things that make us buzz are the random, simple, personal, every day things we do in private. Not the things we do for work or out in the public realm for all to see.

How your talents can drive your success

Yet often our hidden and natural talents and interests, are the treasures that can guide us to success.

If only we listened to our inner voice, we might just discover:

  • Five little things that truly matter;
  • Five little things we are truly passionate about;
  • Five little things that are incredibly valuable to us; and
  • Five little things that can help steer the course of our lives.

Do you know yours?

Here are mine:

  • I love to write;
  • I love to inspire, motivate and encourage others;
  • I love to create;
  • I love to socialise; and,
  • I love to collect unique creative treasures.

All of these simple pleasures have driven me from a very young age – they are the things I love to do, the things that make me enjoy living, the things that lift my spirits, that give me purpose and connection to self and others.

It doesn’t matter that they’re not fancy. What matters is that they mean something to ME.

How these five things keep me real

Acknowledging and embracing this knowledge about myself enables me to be authentic in my professional and personal life, which in turn delivers great joy and peace.

Finding passion is a great gift that can lead to a more fulfilling life.

In a recent interview about “teaching people the power of self transformation”, Turia Pitt offered this little gem…

“Spend some time getting clear on who you are. Make a list of the things that fuel you, the things you love to do, which lift you up and make you feel whole. These are the things that will drive your success.”

It’s certainly worked for me. I have found great purpose by recognising and unleashing my passions – they have led me to secure work in areas I love and make connections with people I admire.

Don’t be afraid to share who you are with the world – I guarantee doors to the places you really want to go will open almost simultaneously.

So, go on, what are the five things that fuel you?

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