Women urged to get creative to connect with friends

September 1, 2016


“There are no strangers here; only friends you haven’t yet met.” William Butler Yeats

Have you watched how children interact with each other? Most of the time they fall into little friendships easily by simply playing and having fun.

It’s time adults, especially women, took a leaf out of the kids’ book.

Hillary Wall, owner of the paint and sip studio Cork & Chroma  is hoping to foster friendships among women with a new monthly art class called Perennial Nights.

“It’s really an opportunity for women to create networks within our community particularly for those who are finding it difficult to meet new female friends,” says Hillary.

According to a report in the Huffington Post (August 29, 2016), our personal networks and friendship bases decline steadily with age often due to certain life circumstances.

Women, especially, can find it difficult to meet new friends as they get older. Certainly in this world of social media, the meaning of friendship has become blurred.

Real friends versus social media friends

Do 50 or so likes on Facebook or Instagram really count when it comes to true friendships, particularly for women?

Just like we encourage kids to get off social media, women are being urged to find more creative ways to connect with like-minded females.

“Perennial Nights is a chance for women to come together, learn how to paint a botanically inspired piece of artwork and then return each month to re-connect with familiar faces or new ones,” says Hillary.

How creativity can lead to connection

With the Cork & Chroma  concept born out of Hillary’s own experience of loneliness while at university, she knows how the power of the brush can help inspire and connect.

 “Our first session, Floral Shadows will debut a brand new painting for the Cork & Chroma  studio and focus on expressive movement with the brush as well as experimenting with light and shadow,” says Hillary.

Try your hand at painting florals. No talent required!
Try your hand at painting florals. No talent required!

If you would like to join this new network, book now. Classes start Thursday 8 September at 7pm.

Perennial Nights

DATE:  Thursday  8 September 2016
COST:  $55
BOOK:  To book or for more information click – here 
 ADDRESS: 44 Montague Road, South Brisbane.

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