It’s my party and I’ll celebrate if I want to…

April 26, 2016

The day you were born marks the start of your lifelong journey

I recently celebrated another birthday. And when I say ‘celebrated’, I really mean it. I just LOVE birthdays!

The world seems to fall into two different camps when it comes to birthdays: you either love them or ignore them.

For me, it’s a great excuse to catch-up with friends for a glass of wine and a gossip and I can have cake for breakfast because “it’s my birthday!” I’ve gone beyond the need for a pony and a princess party, but I still love getting birthday hugs and good wishes, and feeling just a little bit special, even if it’s only for one day.

Celebration or just another day?

According to friends who are anti-celebration, it’s just another day. Everyone has one, it happens every year, and you share your birthday with potentially billions of others. Oh, and it reminds you that you are getting old.

But from where I sit, it’s an anniversary worth celebrating. We are all unique and precious souls and no matter how old you are, the day you were born marks the start of your lifelong journey.

Birthday milestones

Your birthday also marks a lot of the other milestones in your life – it’s the criteria that lets you start school, ride the rollercoaster, get a licence, have sex, vote, drink, get married, and retire.

How could you not want to celebrate that?

So on my birthday I smile as I read the Facebook messages from my friends, laugh over texts and calls, and generally bask in the fact that I’m lucky enough to have friends and family who tell me they love me.  And even in quiet moments, I feel a tiny spark of excitement that this is MY day.

I also give thanks for getting to live on this planet for another year, make plans for the future – and tell myself I don’t look my age. Bring on many more!

What do you think of birthdays? How do you ‘cope’ or celebrate them?

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