The Story Of Old And New: BOOK VS E-BOOK

September 8, 2023

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On a beautiful golden beach on an Australian summer day there lay a group of friends who shared a deep passion for literature. Among the five women each had their own  preference to indulge in written word. Some cherished the tactile experience of reading a physical book over the convenience of an E Book aka Kindle. But there was those that adopted the new technology and would not turn back.

Meet Emma, Grace, Lily, Mia, and Sarah. They were inseparable, bound not only by their friendship but also by their unwavering love for books. Here are the five pros and cons they often discussed when comparing their beloved printed books to the digital allure of a Kindle:

**Pros of Reading a Book:**

1. **Tactile Pleasure:** Emma, the eldest of the group, always said that nothing could compare to the tactile pleasure of holding a real book in her hands. The weight, the texture of the pages, and the subtle scent of paper invoked a sense of comfort that a Kindle simply couldn’t replicate. She relished the feeling of turning each page, savouring the anticipation of what lay ahead.

2. **Nostalgia:** For Grace, reading was more than just a hobby; it was a journey back in time. She often remarked that the sight of her well-worn books on the shelves transported her to cherished memories. Each book bore the marks of her life, scribbles in the margins, and dog-eared pages, all part of her personal history.

3. **Eye Comfort:** Lily, the bookworm of the group, valued the gentle, non-intrusive glow of her bedside lamp as she read her books late into the night. She believed that the soft, warm light caused less strain on her eyes than the harsh blue light emitted by digital screens.

4. **Aesthetic Appeal:** Mia, the artist, saw books as works of art themselves. She delighted in the variety of covers, fonts, and layouts. She believed that the aesthetics of a printed book enhanced the overall reading experience, making each book a unique masterpiece.

5. **Sharing and Gifting:** Sarah, the thoughtful friend, appreciated the tangible nature of books when it came to sharing or gifting them. She often gave her friends books she’d read, inscribing personal messages inside the covers. She felt that giving a Kindle e-book just couldn’t convey the same sentiment.

**Cons of Reading a Book:**

1. **Limited Portability:** Emma acknowledged that physical books could be cumbersome when traveling. She often grumbled about the extra weight they added to her luggage, especially during her frequent trips abroad.

2. **Storage Space:** Grace, the sentimentalist, faced the constant challenge of finding room for her growing book collection. She admitted that her small apartment was becoming increasingly cluttered with shelves full of books.

3. **Environmental Concerns:** Lily, who was eco-conscious, worried about the environmental impact of paper production. She often felt guilty about contributing to deforestation and the carbon footprint associated with printing books.

4. **Accessibility:** Mia, the artist, acknowledged that e-books offered features like adjustable font size and text-to-speech options, making reading more accessible for those with visual impairments. She believed that books, in this regard, lagged behind in catering to diverse reading needs.

5. **Cost:** Sarah, the considerate one, occasionally found that printed books were more expensive than their digital counterparts. She recognized that e-books were often more budget-friendly, allowing more people to access a wide range of literature.

Though they had their differences in preference, these five friends cherished the bond they shared through their love for literature. Their debates about the pros and cons of books versus Kindles served only to strengthen their friendship and deepen their appreciation for the written word, regardless of the format in which it was presented. In the end, it was the love for stories that truly mattered, whether they unfolded on printed pages or digital screens.



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