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September 8, 2023

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My feeds have been littered with photos of my friends holidaying in France, Croatia, Italy and Greece. If you can’t get away these holidays, you can escape for just a while by watching My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3. Filmed in Greece, this third instalment of Nia Vardolas’ endearing films has the family heading to Greece to carry out Toula’s father’s dying wish. On a glorious Brisbane night, an excited preview audience headed to New Farm cinema to listen to Greek music, eat delicious spanakopita and sip on bubbles before we watched this funny, warm and entertaining movie.

Nia Vardolas had an instant hit the world over with her tale of a Greek woman who dares to fall in love with a handsome American, in the first My Big Fat Greek Wedding film. It is still the highest grossing rom com ever made. I was worried that by making a third some of the magic of the original would be dispelled. But in the careful hands of Vardolas and produced and directed by Rita Wilson and Tom Hanks, this new film is still clever and humorous. The audience at our screening were in stitches from the get – go as the loveable Portokalos family headed off to their father’s home village in Greece for a reunion like no other.

We joined the family once again as they all travelled to Greece for a heartwarming trip filled with romance, tradition and fabulous Greek culture. This movie is a tribute to Michael Constantine who previously played Toula’s father. He passed away in 2021 and this film is dedicated to his memory. The premise of the movie is a promise that Toula made to the patriarch of the family. She vowed she would visit his birthplace to gift his diary to his three childhood friends, but finding them again after so many years may not be easy. Along the way the family meet new characters, help to restore the village to its former glory, come to grips with family crises and dynamics and renew friendships, some even fall in love.

As always Aunt Voula (Andrea Martin) had us laughing with her narcissistic one – liners and there is a new character, a local Greek matriarch, who almost steals the show. The relationship between Nia Vardalos ( Toula) and John Corbett (Ian) is happier than ever, although like all good parents they worry about their daughter. Fans of And Just Like That will enjoy seeing John back on the big screen.

At our Brisbane screening the audience embraced the joy and laughter we had all come to see. It was fun, with magnificent scenery, plenty of food and music and family trials that many of us can relate to. At times I was swept away in the magic of it all. The preview audience all clapped at the end, which is very rare. I think we all got what we’d come for – a little laughter, a little love and enough of a story to sweep us away from our everyday lives. My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3 is in cinemas now. OPA!

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