Deborah Eddy’s – Domestica

July 20, 2019

Last night my husband Geoff and I attended the opening of my friend Deborah Eddy’s exhibition at the POP Gallery, 381 Brunswick Street in Fortitude Valley entitled Domestica. 

In Deborah’s words her works depict ‘Meaningful Mischief’ by ‘humorous craftivisms which comment on women’s unrelenting, thankless and invisible labour.’ Wow, Deb you nailed it with your beautiful and colourful sculptural objects. Walking along the table that displays a strikingly coloured tea pot and teacups made me feel that I had slipped through the rabbit hole into Alice’s wonderland. Having a hair curler as the teapot’s spout is simply ingenious. Putting a cheeky spin on daily grinding activities has got to lift your mood. This exhibition is uplifting when at times you are too afraid to listen to the news because of its depressing content. 

To make a point wouldn’t you love to walk down Queen Street with one of Deborah’s amazing shoulder bags? To see more have a look at Instagram @deborah_eddy_art. I love the artist’s take on life in an aged care facility to the tune of the Bee Gees Stayin’ Alive, a performance at the exhibition bound to put a smile on your face. 

We had a wonderful time, thanks Deb!

The exhibition is open till 27 July from 10 am – 4 pm Tuesday – Saturday.


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