#SheReviews June Again

May 6, 2021


June Again is a wonderful heartfelt Australian movie about the dynamics of an Australian family dealing with their ill mother, yet a story applicable to families worldwide.  

The Cast

Australian actors Noni Hazelhurst who is brilliant as June, Claudia Karvan (Ginny) and Stephen Curry (Devon) are superb in the portrayal of their characters for New Zealand writer/director JJ Winloves feature film debut. 

The Story

June suffers from ongoing dementia and has lost several years of normality while she was lost in distorted lucid memories living in an aged care facility.

Not all had gone well for her family since their mother lost her ability to communicate, although they thought things weren’t too bad considering the situation. But a sudden twist of fate allows June an unquantified reprieve to re-enter her previous life and that of her adult children. 

She also discovers how their lives have disintegrated and her well-meaning need to repair them turns into perceived criticism and interference. 

As the once family matriarch, June becomes aware of her past and future knowing her time is limited and attempts to reconnect her children’s fragmented relationships. 

June also opens up to them about her romantic past giving them an insight into how her life once was. 

It is a journey of discovery for June and her family and I was thinking at the time, if only we all had the same second chance with our loved ones in true life.  

I loved June Again, as did my friend Judy. We both identified with the storyline and the issues of dealing with people with brain disorders. It opened new and old wounds for us both as we patted our dampened eyes and had some laughs at the unusual idiosyncrasies we were familiar with. 

I hoped the plot may end as I wished but I am saying no more, you need to see this delightful movie to discover the outcome. 

It is a good movie and a reminder of how unimportant the little annoying things we focus on are, and out of sadness can come happiness. A mother’s love is unforgettable.

A movie for all to see, in cinemas 6 May.


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