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August 18, 2022

I get all my ideas out of a meditative state and they just happen, something is channelling me. This was Queensland contemporary sculptor, artist, and designer Michelle Noordink’s response when we sat down for a chat and I asked where her ideas come from. 

I also asked Michelle how she disconnects from the stresses of everyday life when she begins to create a new piece. She said she has lots of ideas going around in her head all the time so when she walks into the studio they take over, she just switches off and they unfold. 

It was wonderful to speak with Michelle after I attended her opening launch Natural Metamorphis at One Arts Gold Coast. Located on the Isle of Capri, along with many other like-minded people we gathered around in awe of the inspirational sculptors, along with the colourful soothing paintings Michelle has produced. I imagined walking into a contemporary home or corporate foyer greeted by one or more of her eye-catching conversational pieces.

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Gallery Director, Carol Collins is excited to showcase Michelle’s works as her delicate sculptures pay homage to their local environment, nature and extensive overseas travel. Michelle lives and works on the Gold Coast in Australia and is a member of the Gold Coast Sculpting Society.  

Every distinctive piece is individually styled and named, emanating joy and mystique, commanding their unique story. They all represent transformation and nature, in the form of a woman. Michelle has shaped the mould of a torso as her base and then creates individual pieces with clay. The woman’s silhouette metamorphoses and is then fired before the colours and textures unfold challenging the sensitivity of the senses, bringing together alluring figurative compositions. 

Although Michelle began as a graphic designer and ran her own business as a fashion designer with shoes and handbags it was her work as a professional interior designer that motivated her with her sculptures. She found it difficult to find artworks suitable for her interior designs and her clients’ expectations so she decided to produce the work herself. 

With her artistic skills, eye for colour composition and clever imagination, it was only natural Michelle decided to pursue her true passion.   Michelle’s calling has always been about innovation and bringing something into existence that embraces different emotions and feelings through natural forms.

But her new journey has been actualised by her father. We shared a few quiet tears as Michelle talked about her dad, her main influence. A known sculptor Laurence Allen passed away eleven years ago but his legacy continues. Not only has he passed on his gift to Michelle, but his beautiful pieces can be seen today as you stroll through the Gold Coast Botanical Gardens or when visiting Daydream Island. Many of his works are in the form of Australian fauna.  

One cannot help but wonder, has Laurie been looking down on his daughter knowing it was only a matter of time before Michelle finally took on the journey she was always meant to pursue? 

Nevertheless, her sculptures are truly captivating and special. Her coral series is her love as she employs a combination of shells and other textures. For me, it has been difficult to nominate one specific piece or series as I love them all. 

Michelle Noordink’s Natural Metamorphis Exhibition continues at One Arts Gold Coast gallery until the end of August 2022.   

Contact Details: @OneArtsGoldCoast gallery director, Carol Collins info@onertsgoldcoast.com 0400 139 889

Or Directly @michelle_noordink_art  www.michellenoordinkart.com   mish@noordink.net +61 438 383 990

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