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May 3, 2024

Sarah Grynberg is a mindset coach, empowerer and resilience believer who has just celebrated her 5-year pod – versary with her podcast, “A Life of Greatness”. Recently I began listening to her newest podcast, “Stories of Us” which celebrates the achievements of unique Australians who hail from country and regional Australia. As I delved into the many and varied stories I began to wonder about Sarah’s own life.

Sarah has become one of the most requested podcast interviewers for visiting international names, people of influence and thought leaders, including Olivia Newton John, Matthew McConaughey, Jada Pinkett Smith, Deepak Chopra, Mel C (Spice Girls), Wim Hof and Geena Davis. Her interview with daughter of Holocaust survivors, Esther Perel, has been labelled as her ‘best interview’. I recently enjoyed listening to the interview with Simone Callahan which shared Simone’s own journey into self discovery, well being and the art of living consciously.

Sarah told me that her latest podcast “Stories of Us” is a celebration of the amazing people who come from regional Australia, their achievements, and the different towns they grew up in. She has interviewed many everyday heroes and celebrities who have done great things. I recently enjoyed hearing the stories of Don Spencer (Playschool) and Ben Gillies (Silverchair).

This breakfast producer and mother of two started her podcast “A Life of Greatness” because her own life wasn’t as great as she wanted it to be. Though Sarah started the podcast to help others, along the way she also changed her own life. SheSociety was eager to find out more about Sarah Grynberg, her motivations, favourite interviews and podcast style. Here’s what she had to say.

1. Can you tell us a little about yourself.
I’m a mindset coach to professional athletes and executives, a keynote speaker, and writer on the topic of how to live a great life. I’m also the host and creator of the podcast series “A Life of Greatness” and host of the podcast “Stories of Us”. Through my work I teach people the habits and strategies to elevate their very best life and self.

2. What prompted you to start “A Life of Greatness”?
After working as a producer and juggling 3am wake ups with two young kids, I suffered burnout and knew in that moment of sufferings that only I could help myself. So, I dived into a lot of personal development books learning about mind – body connection, happiness, and mindset, embodying everything I learned. Not long after my life began changing in the most wonderful ways. I moved to a role in podcasting and came up with the idea for the “A Life of Greatness” podcast, a platform where I could help others learn and now teach about living a great life.

3. What is something you have learned while interviewing people for the podcast?
That everyone suffers, and most human needs are the same – to be seen and heard. Change can only occur when you change; when you know and embody that doors will open for you. But the only person who can do that is you.

4. You’ve interviewed some of the greats. Do you have a favourite podcast that resonates with you?
I loved my interview with Olivia Newton John as it was one of the last long form interviews she did before she passed away. She was open, honest and full of deep wisdom. We talked about what she thought happens when we die and what she had learned about living a great life. Nothing was off – limits in this interview, and sharing the hour with her will always remain sacred in my heart.

5. In “Stories of Us” you celebrate the stories of amazing folk from regional Australia.
Do you have a favourite country town? I love Red Hill in the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria. The wineries and nature walks are beautiful, and the cafes and restaurants serve the most delicious food.

6. I love books and writing podcasts. What type of podcast do you listen to in your spare time?
I listen to Oprah’s Super Soul podcast, which offers profound insights and conversations with thought leaders. It’s the depth and variety that attracts me, and I often find myself exploring other podcasts that delve into similar themes of personal growth and storytelling.

7. Do you have a quote to live by?
“Be in the world but not of the world” suggests living in society while staying detached from its superficial values. It encourages focusing on deeper, enduring values rather than pursuing material success and societal approval.

8. Why do you think podcasts are so popular right now?
Because there is one for everyone. So, you can pick and choose based on your interests and deep dive into any topic that interests you. Sarah Grynberg promises more collaborations on the horizon and definitely more podcast episodes for her listeners. She defines greatness as basically being the kindest, most empathetic person that you can be while being authentic and mindful in the company of other people. Her book which centres around the concept of “How to Live a Life of Greatness” will launch in March next year. Sarah encourages us all to live a life of greatness and that is why #sheinspires.

You can listen to Sarah’s podcasts now on LiSTNR.


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