Google A.I Will Soon Be Making Calls

by Google may have solved the problem for every person that hates making phone calls. Demonstrated at the company’s I/O 2018 conference, Google CEO Sundar Pichai played a recording of the Google Assistant booking a haircut for someone. You can see the […]

Rise Of The Machines

by How do we navigate our ethical obligations to both our fellow humans and our creations in a future in which artificial intelligence and robotics are commonplace? That question was posed at Brisbane’s Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA) last Thursday evening (26th […]

Origami Robots That Could Perform Surgery

by Origami-inspired bots that can fold into a number of different shapes have been created, with the miniature bots having the potential to carry out different types of surgery – like patch wounds, remove objects and take samples. Researchers from MIT, the […]

Top 5 Gift Ideas for Christmas

by Stuck on ideas for Christmas presents this year, well we have got you covered with our list of unique gifts that will be well received this holiday season! Nespresso Pixie Espresso Maker is perfect for the Espresso Connoisseur in your life. […]

Female Friendship App

by A new Australian website and mobile app has been launched to help women make friends and connect with other females in their neighbourhood and online across the globe. Called “dear molly” it aims to connect like-minded women based on their interests online […]

Read All About It With Kindergo

by Thousands of children across Australia will next month take part in a nationwide introduction of an innovative new storytelling app designed to help them learn and improve their reading abilities. The Kindergo app, launched earlier this month in Brisbane, is offering […]

Social Media And Raising A Family

by Has It Changed the Dynamic for Better or for Worse? In the years since cord-free phones became the norm, phones and technology have become so heavily entrenched into our society. At first, texting was a revelation. But with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, […]

Unplug Your Kids This Easter

by The last decade of fast track technology has changed the way we live, with the repercussions having a much greater impact amongst children than anyone could have predicted.  This Easter holidays is the perfect opportunity to take the time to ‘unplug’ […]

Increased Concerns For Tech-Savvy Kids…

by SheBrisbane spoke to occupational Therapist Katrina Davies says that she has seen a significant increase in the number of school aged children requiring occupational therapy to help improve their hand strength and motor skill development and worries this number will increase […]

Slow Death By Email

by The joy of getting a new computer brings with it much joy yet also much angst. I spent the better part of the weekend trying to move a massive email backup file over to my new shiny laptop only to find […]

Get Smart

by It’s exciting when you decide to upgrade your smart phone. You chat to your converted colleagues, look at their trendy new phone covers, discuss the latest features, do a little online research then off you trot to your retail service provider outlet. When I […]

How To Have A Conversation About Gaming

by Today one of the girls at SheBrisbane came across a guide for parents by Michelle Ransom-Hughes of the ABC on ‘How to talk to your teens about computer games’. Michelle talks about how her son spent the long weeks of last […]

‘Hang out’ With Friends In VR

by The team at SheBrisbane like to think we are up to date with what’s trending in the digital world and it turns out our predictions for 2017 are true! According to Lance Ulanoff, editor at Mashable, virtual reality will remain among […]

Technology Love

by My Frusband has named his Sat Nav after me. I wondered if it’s because they always have those smooth, sexy voices but it turns out that’s not the reason. Frusband: “She’s called Alex because she bosses me around, never stops talking […]

Benefits of digitally detoxing

by Technology….sigh…we can’t seem to live without it, but sometimes I really don’t want to live with it either. Let me just say firstly that this is by no means a post condemning all things technology or that I am about to […]

My iPad broke up with me

by My iPad broke up with me. I’m serious. It had a psychotic episode and started opening multiple pages at once, jumping between apps, it wouldn’t let me close anything down – nightmare. Given that I recently wrote about how in the […]