Which Australian City Is The World’s Happiest?

February 5, 2018

Melbourne has been named the world’s happiest city, according to Time Out’s 2018 City Life Index which rated the US city Chicago the world’s overall best city.

In addition to its “happiness” title Melbourne also got the nod as the world’s most liveable city.

Australia’s fashion capital came fourth behind Chicago, Porto in Portugal and New York in the overall best city line-up.

The poll surveyed 15,000 people from 32 cities around the world.

The survey examined anonymous data across seven categories: food and drink, culture, relationships and community, neighbourhoods, affordability, happiness and liveability, according to AAP.

It found 89% of Melburnians enjoyed living in the city, and nine out of 10 reported feeling happy in the previous 24 hours. It also scored points for its superb bar and restaurant scene.

The index also found that it was easy to make friends in the Victorian capital and that Melbourne residents exercise more than those in other cities.

It’s been a good couple of years for Melbourne, in terms of landing global recognition. In 2017 the city was named the world’s most liveable for the seventh consecutive year by The Economist.

Here’s the top ten in Time Out’s best city survey.

  1. Chicago
  2. Porto
  3. New York
  4. Melbourne
  5. London
  6. Madrid
  7. Manchester
  8. Lisbon
  9. Philadelphia
  10. Barcelona

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