5 Apps To Keep Your Health On Track This Winter

May 3, 2018

During the cooler months there’s no doubt that for many of us the motivation to keep on track with our fitness and health can dwindle. However despite many of us spending more time at home or indoors, thanks to the booming app world, this doesn’t mean that your self-care needs to go out the window.

Here are a few of my favourite self-care apps to keep you on track this winter from Vix Burdon a Exercise Scientist and an expert for Zova.


Don’t want to travel to the gym in the cold? With the award winning workout app Zova, you can workout anywhere, anytime.

Zova offers all types of workouts from HIIT, to strength, stretching, running and more. There are literally hundreds of workouts to choose from and there are many different timing options, making it doable for anyone regardless of whether you have 10 minutes or 40.

They have also recently created their new Zova ‘Celebrity Classes’ feature with a fitter audience in mind.

Zova ‘Celebrity Classes’ is a new weekly HiiT class hosted by myself that will be released on Monday’s. Like carpool Karaoke or a podcast, I will be joined each week with a special celebrity guest (Brittany Lee Saunders, Nat Roser, Megan Marx, Skye Wheatley, Katherine Sabbath etc) and together they will deliver a fast, effective workout that will have you sweating and laughing alongside your favourite celebrities, trainers and influencers.

Each session will feature immersive audio guidance, dynamic video and of course a recommended music playlist as well so you can really feel as though you are in a live class with myself and our celebrity guest’.


This is an amazing meditation and mindfulness app that may help with stress management, focus and better sleep. It offers guided meditations, tips and tricks to help teach you these skills and I would recommend it to anyone!

Apple ‘Health’ App

It’s already on your iPhone, it’s free so if you are not already, it’s time to start using it.

The Apple health app measures your steps, walking distance, flights of stairs you have climbed. It also has a Nutrition feature that allows you to record the food you are eating and measures your intake on certain things such as caffeine, calcium etc. It can track your sleep, body measurements and keep your health results on file. In addition, it recommends other health apps that may be useful for you individually so it is worth taking a look at.

Eve- cycle tracking

This is a really helpful app for women as it predicts your next period and your chances of pregnancy. It also tracks your moods and symptoms to discover trends in your own cycle to keep you informed.

I highly recommend this app however, despite its helpfulness, you still need to be responsible


This isn’t exactly health and fitness but it is still an awesome app for exercising your brain! Luminosity provides you with a daily ‘workout’ that essentially trains your brain. They have collaborated with scientists and researchers world wide to create it.

Games are designed to help you work on the likes of memory recall, math, concentration, language and the reflexes of your mind.

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