Lisa’s Soiree

February 28, 2017

We were a privileged audience attend Lisa’s Soiree last Saturday night at the stunning Riverside Function Centre. As Walter Williams acknowledged most likely a ‘one off’ night to be entertained by top ranking professional Australian musicians and singers, many who perform internationally.

The musicians, photographer and all the behind the scenes support donated their services for their friend, colleague and powerful singer Lisa Lockland-Bell who was raising funds in aid of the Australian Cervical Cancer Foundation – Lisa herself once a sufferer.

My friends couldn’t believe what they were seeing with the level of professional entertainment. Suzie G has worked with Il Divo and other top stars, another singer Greg Moore was with the Ten Tenors, Lisa Lockland-Bell’s voice was amazing, Kitty Kats superb Acapella singers, looked and were hot on stage, plus more & more.

My highlight was final act young Sheldon Hernandez, he was on 2016 X Factor and Lisa has been coaching him. He bought a number of us to tears with his unique pure voice and he is such a lovely humble young man. I met his parents and can see why he is as he is.

The Kitty Kats asked if anyone could play the spoons and would you believe it a woman sitting on my table called out “I do” (we thought she was kidding) consequently grabbed some spoons from the kitchen and played on stage with them.

Everyone felt same way about the entire evening and cannot wait to attend the next one!

The proceeds are to go towards the ACCF Hearts for Health Campaign where Lisa and her husband are about to trek Nepal and provide support for women in need of medical assistance there.

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  1. Thank you for the wonderful article on Lisa’s Soiree which I was pleased to MC on the weekend and raise lots of money for the ACCF.

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