Why Having A Drone On Your Wedding Day Is The Best Decision Ever

June 5, 2018

Why Having A Drone On Your Wedding Day Is The Best Decision Ever

Planning a wedding is all about having a vision. A bride-to-be will never run out of ideas on how to make her wedding day, a.k.a the-best-day-of-her-life, even better, and that’s why drones make the best photographers.

If you’re a bride-to-be who’s thinking of having a drone wedding photography, we’ve crafted this little drones and weddings 101 especially for you. Go check it out!

A Drone Highlights The Venue

If you’re having an outdoor venue with lots of space to fly from, then a drone on your wedding day is nothing short of perfect! Beach or farm weddings, in particular, cover more space than any other outdoor weddings, thus, your lavish decorations from the ceremony area to the reception will be more appreciated when you have aerial shots that showcase them.

On the other hand, indoor weddings and drones can still work out but of course, with more limitations. Drones tend to be a little noisy because of their propellers, so it might annoy the life out of your guests hearing its loud noise for 30 minutes (average battery life).

Also, when a drone is limited to a certain ceiling point, it’s view will be limited and you might not get the most out of it. But for sure you can work it out with your wedding photo and videographer, just make sure to set your expectations right and ask more specific questions if you have special requests.

Captures Candid Precious Moments

Alright, just to be clear, drones and wedding vows don’t go together-it’s a little too noisy for that sacred, heartwarming event. But what’s guaranteed is that drones can take images and videos from afar that catch the candid expressions from people’s faces on your first kiss, first dance, and on your first everything!

You can have these “firsts” with a ground camera for sure, but a drone captures everything and everyone in the background. Unlike ground cameras which are heavy to carry around, drones have more mobility and flexibility when taking shots.

If you’re worried about image quality, average commercial drones can shoot in 4k video quality, but maybe not as good in low light as the most expensive quadcopter drone available in the market. You can always check with your photographer on this one, especially when you’re having your wedding at night or on low light venues.

No One Gets Cropped On Group Shots

Ground cameras can take group shots of course, but let’s admit it, it takes a lot of time trying to fit everyone in the frame -finding size and height and aligning people well. In worst cases, some gets cropped incidentally.

Since a drone is easily movable, reframing won’t be difficult, and with a photographer’s awesome eye for balance, your wedding picture will be complete with your whole entourage and without anyone getting left out.

Makes Your Wedding Timeless And Spectacular

Let’s be honest, every bride-to-be wants others to envy her wedding shots. Seeing them drool over how perfect your wedding is all worth all the investment and effort (HAHA), and having a drone on your wedding day is going to close that deal forever.

The beauty of the ceremony, the reception, the colors, the faces, and the impossible shots only someone flying can take, is all possible with a drone. You get to have more space for creativity and more fun in taking these shots, too!

Having a drone photography on your wedding day is really the best decision you can make ever.

Drones And Weddings Need To Know

  • Flying drones for commercial purposes needs to be legal. Ask your wedding videographer if he or she is a licensed drone pilot or someone who is will operate it on your wedding.
  • Drones don’t last long. Oftentimes, the maximum it could fly is 20-30 minutes.
  • Not all drones are created equal. Shoot with the best drone available, image-quality-wise.
  • Ask permission from your venue host that you are flying a drone to avoid any complications when flying it.
  • Ask your guests kindly not to distract the drone operator while flying for your own safety.
  • Always consider the weather. A drone can’t fly in rain or strong winds.
  • Finally, ask your drone operators if their quote includes edited photos and videos. The cost is going to add up but at least, you’re getting the final product.
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Vicky Harris is a certified drone hobbyist and she writes reviews about hobby drones for photography and outdoor sports. She lives with her pet terrier Tamara and has gazillion pictures of outdoor adventures together.

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