Loved up couples … apply here!

February 16, 2016

Are you in luuuvveee? Engaged? Well, Sarah Streets a professional photographer from Morningside is looking for you.

No she doesn’t need to bask in the glow of your love, she’s already engaged to Martel, but Sarah is working on a unique project titled —Will You Marry Me: Down On One Knee.

The result will be a unique coffee table book that will feature up to 40 couples and capture true romance.

Sarah has photographed almost 50 weddings in the past eighteen months and her interaction with couples inspired the idea.

“Speaking to the couples before the wedding, I was always fascinated by how they met, and where and how the groom had proposed,” Sarah says.

“I am also fascinated by the chemistry; why are couples attracted to one another, so much that they want to spend their lives together?”

Sarah says that many times grooms had confessed to her that committing and then proposing to their lifetime partner was the hardest thing that they had ever done.

“So, I’m looking for engaged couples to tell their proposal story, how they met, where the proposal was made and how.”

Plus ladies, just a heads-up that this year is a leap year and so the woman can propose. Right, will leave you with that thought.

If you would like to contact Sarah or discuss the project with her, try her at any of the links below.

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