Olympic junkie … is it over yet?

August 15, 2016

I'm pleased to say however, that despite snoozing through meetings at work, I have gained from the whole Rio experience

I’ve already outed myself as a Game of Thrones freak – so now I have to confess, I’m also a sports tragic with my obsession sitting on around the same level as GoT. As a consequence, the Olympics for me is like two weeks of Christmas Day!

I nearly fell asleep in a meeting the other day, and I had to explain to my neighbours that nobody was is any danger in my house; it is just me screaming at the TV – “Oh my GOD, Ref! What are you DOING? She was all over the ball!” (Hockeyroos vs USA – appalling performance by the referee).

I watch everything too. I don’t care what it is. My lounge turns into a double bed to accommodate guest and it has become the centre of my universe/War Room during the Rio campaign.

I’m pleased to say however, that despite snoozing through meetings at work, I have gained from the whole Rio experience.

What I will take away from the Rio Olympics:

Kitty Chiller is a hard arse – she reminds me of my mum when I was a teenager. Props to her.  So many highlights but my favourite to date is her verballing the men’s rugby sevens team for getting on the grog.

“I don’t object to people having a few drinks to celebrate, it’s the behaviour that goes with it. Don’t be a dickhead.”

Well said Kitty.

The Italians vs New Zealand – have the Italians ever had a bad hair/bad look day since the dawn of time? God they’re stylish. They even make tracksuits look fabulous. Oh and New Zealand – come on! You have BLACK AND WHITE, the easiest colour palette in the world and you still manage to look like waiters. Try harder please.

Bronte Campbell – I am blown away by how eloquently she spoke after her disappointing 100m race and then every other interview after that. Cate too – what remarkable young women. When I think about the behaviour of the (predominantly) blokes in London compared to the outstanding young men and women in the Dolphins, we should be really proud that that’s what the world is seeing when they look at Australia. Impressive. Sure more medals would be good but meh…

Preperation is key. What is with the pool that smells “like a fart” (LOVE the insta shot of the two Germans next to it holding their noses – Gold) and its funky green colour? My Mum wouldn’t let us swim in the green pools near where we holiday on the basis that “free campers wash their dogs in there”. Now, if you’ve known for several years you were hosting the Olympics, wouldn’t you get people who know what they’re doing to look after the venues? It’s not like they found out two months ago.

You can tire of winners. I never thought I’d say this but I actually got tired of watching Michael Phelps win gold medals. Just seemed unfair on the other swimmers in the end. Does he have fish DNA? Do they test for that?

How to win. Fiji winning the men’s rugby sevens. THAT’S how you win – so gracious and humble.

Some sports should not be invited to play.Why do we need golf or tennis in the Olympics? I’m not a fan.  They have their own multimillion dollar tournaments all year, every year.

Objectifying beauty – I saw an article that asked if it was OK to objective hot men competing at the Games. The answer? Yes. Yes it is. The Olympics are wall-to-wall attractive fit people doing extraordinary things, but for me there is one group of athletes that leave all others in the shade for their beauty and athleticism. The four-legged champions competing in the equestrian events. They are stunning. I want to horsenap them all! I wonder what they get as a treat when they finish? I had a horse who loved Golden Gaytime ice-creams which I gave him after competitions (he had a sweet tooth like his owner).

Big personalities are key to the Games success. Usain Bolt – goes without saying. He’s great for the Games. It needs more big personalities that people want to cheer on.

Age is no barrier to world dominance. And, my favourite? Mary Hanna who has made her Olympic debut at 60 years of age in the dressage. You Go Girl. So many great examples of what you can achieve when you put your mind to it.

Can’t wait for Tokyo already!