Meet The Author Empowering Children Australia Wide

Award-winning Brisbane author and teacher, Karen Tyrrell reveals why she wrote Rainforest Rescue (Song Bird) for children. Karen is a survivor of parent-teacher bullying and mental illness. She attributes her recovery and rediscovered well-being to treks through the rainforests, breathing in revitalising […]

Who Are The Women On Our Money?

They are the faces we see everyday but know nothing about. Just recently I was staring at my $10 note and had the fleeting thought- “I wonder who that lady is?”, but then quickly passed over my cash and replaced it with […]

Weekly News Roundup

Record $100m Powerball jackpot on offer — there were two winners TWO entries have grabbed a $50 million slice of the equal-largest division one lottery prize pool in Australian history. However, as desperate punters rushed to find out whether they would win […]

Daily News Roundup

THURSDAY, August 16 The husband of Dreamworld victim Cindy Low says he and his family were just “unlucky” and he does not blame the ride attendants for what happened that day. On October 25, 2016, Mrs Low, Kate Goodchild, her brother Luke […]

5 Simple & Easy Ways To Help You Sleep Better

For many of us, getting a good night’s sleep can be challenging. Whether we’re thinking about our actions from the day, worrying about a looming work deadline or simply staying awake on a Netflix binge, getting a good night’s sleep isn’t always […]

The History Behind The Food Of The Ekka

Have you ever thought of how your Ekka favourites came to the show? SheSociety rounds up the history of some of the show’s classics. The now symbolic Strawberry Sundae and dagwood dogs were both introduced in the 1950’s and almost 70 years later […]

Daily News Roundup

TUESDAY, August 14 Turkey’s lira has recouped some of its earlier losses after the country’s central bank took steps to stem the currency’s freefall. The measures come after the Turkish lira hit record lows against the dollar amid a widening diplomatic spat […]

The Bachelor 2018 Office Sweep

The team here at #SheSociety always get into the spirit of the office sweep whenever a new season of the Bachelor starts, especially this season with Honey Badger Nick Cummins as the Bach! Join in on the fun and download for yourself […]

Top Five Myths About Growing Older

Approaching the golden years is unavoidable and can create a level of uncertainty. Some of us celebrate birthdays with party hats on, whereas others run for the hills when the word ‘aging’ is mentioned. Regardless of which you are, it’s time to […]

Daily News Roundup

‘Drunk’ driver’s excuse after fatal hit As Madison Lyden’s heartbroken family spoke out about the “horrific way” their loving sibling and daughter died in New York City, the truck driver who knocked her down has explained why he got behind the wheel […]

The True Cost Of A Filthy Office

The typical office desk is home to more than 10 million bacteria, 400 times more than a toilet seat. Other studies have revealed people don’t wash their hands, and surfaces from taps to elevator buttons are “officially dirty“. Beyond the health concerns, […]

Weekly News Roundup

Ekka season has finally arrived. Almost half a million people are expected to converge on the RNA Showgrounds in Brisbane for the Royal Queensland Show this August. Before you run off for a day of dagwood dogs, showbags, and strawberry sundaes, take […]

What’s New This Year At The Ekka!

#SheSociety rounds up the highlights of what’s new this year at the Ekka! Competition Facilities The CRT Pavillion is the new home for large and small animal breeds during the show, it’s the only building of its kind globally and has been […]

My Love For The Ekka

The Westerly winds are up and starting to blow which means only one thing in August… The Ekka has rolled into town! The Ekka for me is some of the happiest memories I have as a young kid. I’m pulling on the […]

#SheReviews- The Book Club

I am ashamed to say that even though I love books I have never joined a book club. I am in a writing group and have popped into the book club at my local library, especially when they are talking about a […]

Daily News Roundup

THURSDAY, AUGUST 9 Australian golfer Jarrod Lyle has died of cancer aged 36. It comes just eight days after he decided to end his treatment to go into palliative care. Lyle had been undergoing his third stint of cancer treatment after a […]

Parma For A Farmer

Australians young and old are rallying around the country’s battling farmers hit hardest by the drought with schemes to raise relief money. One such scheme – a simple campaign driven by the popularity of a humble pub dish called Parma For A […]

Raising Good Men

I am raising sons, growing and shaping two boys into GOOD men. I take it very seriously, I have an intention for my sons, I am raising brave, conscious, connected, fearless men in how they live and love, who are unapologetic for […]

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