Believing Your Partner Cares Is “Good For Health”

Having an attentive partner can significantly improve your long-term health and even life expectancy, research suggests. Researchers have found that people in a long-term relationship who perceived their partner had become less caring, when questioned after 10 years, said they responded less […]

Upcoming Wedding Trends

Who doesn’t love a wedding? It’s the happiest of times and I adore the fact that each wedding is unique to the couple who are being married. Although I have been married for over 30 years I am coming up to the […]

Voicing My Domestic Violence Story

SheSociety is a proud supporter of women, gender equality which aims to provide a platform for women to share their stories. We are also the proud media partner for The Allison Baden-Clay Foundation and a strong advocate for the prevention of domestic […]

The Power And Control Wheel

There are scores of actions that an individual can use to intentionally control or dominate his intimate partner with physical abuse only one of them. Duluth has published The Power and Control Wheel to illustrate the different actions abusers employ to intimidate […]

Men Too

There’s a lot of negativity about toxic masculinity, and what men have done to women and other men with stories and movements about just how sexually and physically violent men can be.  I can attest to some of that having been on […]

4 Tips For A Successful Relationship

Psychotherapist and positive relationship expert Gad Krebs shares his 4 key tips for a successful relationship or marriage. Don’t listen to advice on how to have a successful relationship (at least specific advice) Well intentioned people can dispense relationship advice, often unsolicited. […]

How To Spot A Misogynist

Misogyny is stubborn Acclaimed Australian literary author, Tim Winton was recently interviewed on the ABC and expressed his concern on misogyny. He still hears things today, in particular from young boys, that three or even five generations ago would be saying. It shouldn’t […]

What Do You Mean “Man Up”?

Here in the SheSociety office, we’ve noticed a certain phrase being used a lot lately, calling out to men to ‘man up.’ We are just as confused as they surely are. There’s the constant complaint over men being emotionless and not showing […]

Affairs… Why Do People Have Them?

Barnaby Joyce’s affair with his former staffer Vikki Campion, and his subsequent downfall from the position of deputy prime minister and head of the National Party, made headlines for weeks. It’s not surprising. From politicians to actors and entertainers, stories of high-profile […]

Making Friends For The Long Run

Making friends was easy at school. After that, though, as you head out into the big wide world, making new friends gets harder. Of course there will be those few special friends from school who will always be friends no matter where […]

Broken Heart Syndrome Is Real

Intense emotional stress caused by a break up, the death of a loved one or even workplace bullying can “stun” the heart and cause temporary heart failure. Known as broken heart syndrome, it feels like having a heart attack and is a […]

Valentine’s Day

As the once-a-year love fest Valentine’s Day goes into overdrive, a university sociologist in Adelaide has attempted to shed some light on what happens at the other end of the love scale ….why so many people stick it out when their relationships […]

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