Cass Moriarty #SheInspires

Cass Moriarty is a local author and mother of six children. She only began writing after the birth of her sixth child. Her first novel ‘The Promise Seed’ and latest novel ‘Parting Words’ look at some of the secrets hidden within families and communities. Her […]

Hillary Wall #SheInspires

It started in a American university dorm and so far has left its coloured hand print in three of Australia’s most vibrant capitals. Brisbane’s Hillary Wall continues to amaze herself and others with how she has been able to transform a dream […]

Kristie Pain #SheInspires

Like many four year old girls around the world, little Audie Pain from the Gold Coast is going to marry Prince George, currently the third in line to the British throne. She knows this because like many doting great grandmothers around the […]

Rhianna Buchanan #SheInspires

You are Australia’s first ever female Monster Jam truck driver! How did you start driving these monstrous trucks? After I finished studying Event and Hospitality Management, I met my partner who was working in entertainment doing motorbike stunt shows. That’s where I […]

Lyndall McCormack #SheInspires

Lyndall McCormack, farmer, wife, mother, community leader and a lover of  music makes no bones about it. She is proud of her country Queensland roots in the Darling Downs and how the people living there don’t flinch at challenges. An insight into […]

Bernadette Oshea #SheInspires

How is it that Brisbane has a world-renowned champagne expert living here? This is where my home is, and I have enjoyed spreading the champagne word in this beautiful part of the world. Where were you born and is it true that […]

Deanna Lane #SheInspires

Could you please tell us a little about yourself – who you are and what you do professionally? My name is Deanna Lane and I head up a firm called Fastlane Consulting Group our purpose is to energise your business, empower your staff and […]

Brie Stevensen #SheInspires

What is your background? I’m a make-up artist and hairstylist by trade, I started in theatre and eventually moved into photographic work. I always joke that I could have been born with a make-up brush in my hand! Being on set is so […]

Vanessa Fowler #SheInspires

On a sunny Saturday five years ago, Vanessa Fowler made a promise to achieve justice for her murdered little sister. It was Allison Baden-Clay’s funeral and hundreds were gathered to pay their respects including Allison’s three young daughters and her husband Gerard […]

Estee Lee #SheInspires

It is more than 30 years since Estee Lee was robbed, as a child, of her ability to walk in a horrific car crash that also killed her Dad – Richard, and injured her brother. She was five. Her neck was broken in three places. […]

Christine Wells #SheInspires

I first met author Christine Wells at a book signing for her first dual timeline novel ‘The Wife’s Tale’. We clicked straight away and after attending some of Christine’s author talks, her success as a local Brisbane author have inspired me to […]

Kylie Lowe #SheInspires

Kylie Lowe is one of those people who thrives on giving. The ever-smiling mother of two daughters is the inspiration and driving force behind the innovative social enterprise Joining Hands which is dedicated to improving the health and wellbeing of homeless and […]

Santiyagu Chandran #SheInspires

Tell us a little bit about yourself. The origins of your name? Your age, where you have lived up to now and how long you have been a fitness expert? My name is Santiyagu Chandran, named after my grandma which happens to […]

Dolly Bhargava #SheInspires

Tell us a little bit about yourself – who you are and what you do I am a speech pathologist with a Masters in Special Education. I have over seventeen years personal and practical experience working with children and adolescents with Emotional and Behavioural […]

Donna Gibb #SheInspires

Have you ever fancied yourself as an artist ? Local Artist -Donna Gibb says we all have the capacity to create incredible art, we just need to be shown how. Donna is a talented Brisbane artist and owner of the business pARTy ARTworks which […]

Carly Griffin #SheInspires

SheBrisbane had a chat with sleep deprived mother of two beautiful children and co founder of a national gastronomic event Bite Sip Stroll which is returning to Brisbane on Saturday June 3rd. Tell us a little bit about yourself – who you […]

Melinda Schneider #SheInspires

Melinda Schneider has achieved much in her 45 years, including a Nashville (US) career, a string of Australian Golden Guitar Country Music awards and more recently, performing the songs of Doris Day, America’s sweetheart of 60-odd years ago. But, as she readily admits, nothing compares […]

Casey-Lee Lyons #SheInspires

Tell us a little bit about yourself – who you are and what you do Thank you so much for having me. My name is Casey-Lee Lyons. I’m a Brisbane based nutritionist and naturopath, recipe developer, mum to my toddler Gracie and founder […]

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