Lily Avalon: ghost girl

It’s not an occupation for the faint-hearted, but Lily Avalon has never been scared—not once—since she started as a ghost tour host at Toowong and South Brisbane Cemeteries in 2011. “I’ve never been truly scared—I get the creeps and freak myself out […]

Katherine Lyall-Watson: writing for the stage

Imagine the thrill of your writing coming to life on the stage or on screen. Every writer dreams of it, but Brisbane playwright Katherine Lyall-Watson has made it happen. “It’s an incredible experience,” Katherine says. “While I’m writing, I can hear the […]

Rochelle Courtenay: share the dignity

If there’s one thing that every woman can relate to, it’s the reality that getting your period every month can sometimes be inconvenient, awkward, and just a bit icky. But imagine if you were living on the streets, experiencing extreme poverty and […]

So you’ve written a book…

Ever dreamed of becoming a bestselling author? If you have, you’re certainly not alone. There are millions of books listed on Amazon and therefore, millions of authors. And I’m one of them. But what is the journey really like? I wrote that […]

Artist Atousa: expressing beauty through art

Vivid colours, patterns and eastern symbols are the creative sources of influence for Brisbane visual artist Atousa Salehpour. Atousa works in the fields of photography, pottery, wood carving, sculpture, miniature, inlay, toreutics, marquetry, jewellery making and painting. “For me, painting is a […]

Memoir writing: what will you really remember?

How do you feel about no-one really knowing about you? Your descendents… future generations with unanswered questions dreaming how it must have been for you, guessing and never really knowing. Seriously, will we really remember all those amazing persona, unique experiences as […]

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