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May 1, 2017

Before Sam Wood was on ‘The Bachelor’ and won the heart of his beautiful fiancé Snezana Markoski he had been a personal trainer for many years. He also owned his own business – Gecko Sports, Australia’s first gym specifically for children. His next step was to open the ‘Woodshed’ a personal training and small group training studio, now the largest of it’s kind in Australia.

During this time he realised people were really time poor so he began developing some very effective 30-minute sessions. He soon found that these sessions were effective for everyone from busy 20 somethings starting out in their career to 60 year old CEO’s, but the people it suited best were Mums. Mums usually put everything else before themselves. Sometimes when you calculate driving to the gym, doing an hour long session, driving home, then showering, a Mum just can’t fit this in. Sam designed his online program 28 which has now had more than 100 000 people sign up. Now we can all try out the 28 program at home with the release of his book -’28 BY SAM WOOD’.

About the Program

It really is just about committing to 28 minutes of exercise a day, whenever you can fit it in.

The exercise plan is partnered with lovely recipes created with the help of nutritionist – Steph Lowe which are quick, simple and tasty using ingredients you can easily find at your local shops. There is a 28 day meal plan you can follow, as well as life changing stories from people who’ve tried the program.

Sam takes you through the program with modifications for all fitness levels from Rookie to Hotshot through to the highest level Maniac and gives tips on motivation, sleep, cravings and how to build a healthy plate of food. His motto is: Progress not perfection.

Talking to Brisbane Women About Their Health

Sam was in Brisbane for a meet and greet and to sign copies of his book. I was surprised to find a legion of his fans waiting, all wearing their 28 t-shirts. They were happy to share their success stories, some had lost 20-30kg.

I spoke to Beth Bufalino who has lost 8kg and was happy to share her before and after shots with me. Beth explained, “ I had been diagnosed with osteoporosis and it was recommended I do some strength exercises. I also wanted to lose some weight because I found that nothing would budge after menopause. Beth is now 58. I joined a gym and was a bit fitter but had lost no weight after 18 months and fitting in gym sessions was difficult. My daughter introduced me to 28 and I haven’t looked back. It’s much cheaper than a gym, more private, no travel and the food plan is great. Although I do self sabotage sometimes with wine. I find the way of eating is very sustainable and much healthier.”

All the ladies I spoke to find the recipes easy and suitable for the whole family and with busy careers and family life they agreed you can always find 28 minutes a day to go through the workouts.

My own health journey

About a year and a half ago I began doing three HIIT sessions a week. I suffer from Hashimoto’s disease and after 50 I was experiencing the dreaded middle age weight gain.

I have always gone to the gym, done yoga and walked but I felt things needed a shake up if I was to stay fit as I aged.

I enlisted the help of my son (who like Sam was) is a personal trainer whilst going through University. He tailored a plan of 3 sessions a week, in addition to what I was already doing. I trained once a week with him and went through two sessions by myself. At first it would take about 45 minutes to complete but as I’ve got fitter and more familiar with the exercises it only takes around you guessed it-28 minutes. I’ve upped it to 4 sessions a week and after he dragged me in to be measured yesterday I have lost a grand total of 55 cms from all over my body. I feel way fitter, much less tired and my clothes are fitting better. The best thing is that I look forward to my training and I am proud to say I have never missed a session.These short, sharp intervals do work.

Looking through Sam’s book a lot of the exercises are now familiar to me and many are based on yoga moves. I think I know enough to actually test out the Hotshot options. My trainer was very impressed with the program provided in the book and he also liked the fact that the recipes provided details of your macro- nutrients as well as calories and kilojoules. I understand calories way more than kilojoules.

Looking through the book he is going to try out the Banana and Berry Pancake recipe, as well as Raw Pad Thai salad with poached chicken and Steak with pear, broccoli and rocket. His girlfriend was excited by the Avocado and Spinach dip recipe. For me the Beetroot, goat’s cheese and walnut salad looks to become a firm favourite, as well as Pumpkin Curry with Brown Rice.

And yes ladies, Sam really is as lovely and genuine as the young man you watched on ‘The Bachelor’. You’d be proud to have him as your son, your mate or if you’re the lucky Snezana as a fiancé. It was truly lovely to see him listen to all the people telling him about their success stories and he confided that he becomes a bit emotional at the signings hearing from all the people his program has helped. ‘28 BY SAM WOOD’ has been published by Hardie Grant and is available from all good bookstores.

I’m sure we can all find 28 minutes a day to become the best version of ourselves. Remember Progress not Perfection.

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