My Fab, Easy, Healthy Eating Habits That Work!

May 23, 2017

Developing healthy eating habits will help you to reach your goals to a healthier lifestyle. Here are some that I use on a daily basis:

Drink 2 litres of water
It will help you to keep your body hydrated, flush out toxins and improve your complexion. Water is also essential for proper circulation of nutrients in the body!

Eating 5 smalls meals a day 
Divide your meals into breakfast, mid morning snack, Lunch, evening snack and Dinner. By eating regularly (approximately every 2-3 hours) your are maintaining your blood sugar levels so will be more in control of your appetite. If you are leaving more than 5 hours to pass between meals your body automatically lowers your metabolic rate.

Eat carbohydrates earlier in the day
I absolute believe in including certain Carbohydrates into your diet, (brown rice, brown pasta, quinoa, sweet potatoes, oats etc). Carbohydrates provide your body with long lasting energy so they are best eaten in the first half of the day.

Eat fruits and greens
They are low in calories, full of Vitamins & Minerals and may help to reduce the risk of many diseases.

Don’t forget good fats and lean proteins 
Lean Proteins are great to keep your tummy satisfied but also assist in building lean muscle. Good Fats 9 like advocate, olive oil coconut oil, nuts, seeds… are vital to weight loss if eaten in moderation. Plan your meals ahead so when you go grocery shopping you buy only what you need and are not tempted by the naughties!

Learn to eat and enjoy healthy foods – your body will thank you!

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