How To Look Even Better This Year!

by The SheBrisbane team have been lucky enough to get a sneak peak at some tips & tricks from Australia’s leading makeup artist Napoleon Perdis in response to the beauty questions he gets asked the most. What are the major makeup trends […]

Beautiful The Way We Are

by The SheBrisbane girls come in many shapes, sizes and colours and not one person is more ‘normal’ than the other. So when we came across a recent article about a photographer who captured images of 40 ‘real’ women in bid to […]

Will We Ever Be Able To Retire?

by A recent article by Jason Murphy of has crushed the SheBrisbane teams dreams of retiring as it seems it may never happen… “It is becoming more possible that a nice long retirement is not in my future. Like free university […]

17 Unique Places You Should Visit

by 2017 may have only begun but the team at SheBrisbane is already looking for mid-year holidays to keep us inspired! If you are lucky enough to have travelled to the world’s most popular destinations, maybe it’s  time to try someplace you’ve […]

Online Dating Sees Rise in STD’s

by With a few of us here at SheBrisbane not opposed to the idea of online dating, a recent article by Kristian Silva of the ABC on “Chlamydia and gonorrhoea cases up in Queensland as doctors fear rise in unsafe sex” came […]

Alcohol Makes For Munchies

by There’s no denying the SheBrisbane ladies familiarity with wine and cheese and we often do wonder why you can’t have one without the other. Well, a recent article by the ABC reported that scientists at London’s Francis Crick Institute found there […]

How To Drink Properly – Tips For Our Teens

by Further to the report last week by the ABC on the drinking culture with young teens, SheBrisbane came across an Instagram account targeting 18 year olds as they become legal, diving face first into the world of the Australian drinking culture. The […]

Sunny Side Up!

by She Brisbane spoke to Kaylene Harris from WARWICK Fabrics about this years colour trends. This is what she had to say… “One of Pantone’s top 10 colours predicted as a trend for 2017 is Primrose Yellow. It’s such a bright, vivid […]

How To Have A Conversation About Gaming

by Today one of the girls at SheBrisbane came across a guide for parents by Michelle Ransom-Hughes of the ABC on ‘How to talk to your teens about computer games’. Michelle talks about how her son spent the long weeks of last […]

‘Hang out’ With Friends In VR

by The team at SheBrisbane like to think we are up to date with what’s trending in the digital world and it turns out our predictions for 2017 are true! According to Lance Ulanoff, editor at Mashable, virtual reality will remain among […]

Ambulance Etiquette

by Do you know what to do when an ambulance come up behind you, sirens blaring and lights flashing? It is a question all motorists ask themselves at some point. It is a situation Queensland Ambulance Service is hoping to avoid through the release […]

CLOSED: Win Tickets to LION

by Thanks to Transmission Films, She Brisbane has 10 x double passes to give away to see the greatly anticipated film LION. The true story follows five year old Saroo who gets lost on a train which takes him thousands of miles across India, away […]

CLOSED: Win Tickets To RED DOG: True Blue

by Thanks to Roadshow Films, She Brisbane has 10 x double passes to give away to see the upcoming film RED DOG: True Blue, the prequel to the much loved Australian classic RED DOG. For your chance to enter like our post on Facebook! […]

For The Love Of Animals

by How often do we look at people and wish we had their lives? For animals lovers, Zelie Bullen’s life seems like the absolute dream. A world renowned animal trainer who has a gift for making animals steal our hearts on the […]

Pretty Woman

by There’s no skinny models traipsing down the catwalk surrounded by all that glitz, but the fashion on offer is no less important to a special kind of woman looking to tune in to a new brand on the clothing block, “Not […]

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