Growing up different

Imagine being born with a face that was different. Not with lots of freckles, or a large nose or big ears, but with a face that is considered freakish, caused by a mutation in a gene that caused the bones in your […]

Finding myself in nature … again

I recently saw a pair of woolen socks like mine in the Launceston museum! But I’m getting ahead of myself, let me explain. I’ve just started getting back into bushwalking and kayaking after 15 years and have discovered as well as needing […]

Why I run away once a year

I run away. Just once a year, just for a night. I personally make a point of booking a night away in the city. I go on my own—YES ON MY OWN—without hubby or children, and I splurge on luxury – a […]

Because I’m a queen

This week I wanted to talk about the meaning behind a tattoo I got last year: it reads, “Because I’m a queen.” I get a lot of different reactions to this tattoo – some people think it’s awesome, some people think it’s […]

Create your own Good News Channel

In light of actress, Noni Hazelhurst’s recent plea for the media to focus on good news stories that inspire others, I’d like to promote the positive role we can all play by recognising and sharing the good news in our own daily […]

Raising Bella

My name is Bella. I am excited to be in Grade 1 and make friends with you. I am autistic. Being autistic means something different for everyone, but for me it means that I see, hear and feel things a lot better […]

In an instant, everything changed …

Standing in the shower one Friday morning, Val Davison felt a lump on her breast. Although she wasn’t overly concerned, she mentioned it to her best friend Jude and her husband. “They were both more alarmed than I was, and said I […]

Social media flamed my anxiety

I was checking my Facebook notifications for work and decided to have a quick squiz at the news feed. One photo sent a wave of emotions through me. It was of a girl from high school having a merry time sharing drinks […]

Being thin will solve all my problems…

Myjanne Jensen interviews Jenn Hand—food coach, creator of Healing From Within and founder of –  a full-service boutique that offers coaching and an online program that enables women to transform their relationship with food, weight, body, and eating. Jenn knows from […]

Rochelle Courtenay: share the dignity

If there’s one thing that every woman can relate to, it’s the reality that getting your period every month can sometimes be inconvenient, awkward, and just a bit icky. But imagine if you were living on the streets, experiencing extreme poverty and […]

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